Acid Dragon has launched a mod for Heroes VII, the purpose of which is to give players a larger pool from which to choose creatures. This is achieved by opening the pool of neutral creatures for core and elite tier selection:

  • Haven: Griffins and Light Elementals
  • Academy: Shantiri Golems and Air Elementals
  • Necropolis: Juggernauts and Lilim
  • Stronghold: Mermaids and Efreeti
  • Sylvan: White Tigers and Earth Elementals
  • Dungeon: Shadow Panthers and Darkness Elementals

More info can be found in the Acid Cave.

For comments and questions, please visit our forums.


"Everyone's a critic" - so the saying goes. One of the Community's most Ubisoft-critical fans has offered his views on the Heroes VII campaigns in this comprehensive forum article. Why not have a look at it and see if you agree? Feel free to comment in the forum and discuss the state of the game after update 1.7.

Just received a message from Karmakeld, one of the brains behind a campaign for Heroes IV.

We're pleased to announce that a group of dedicated Heroes 4 fans have taken upon themselves the task of creating a Heroes 4 version of the newly released H7 campaign: Unity. The H4 version of the campaign will be based on the original script, written by Terry B. Ray, which we have been fortunate enough to get our hands on (thanks to a certain some one). 

We plan for our version to be slightly different than the H7 version, while still staying true to Terry B. Ray's script. We will tell you more about these differences later. Right now, the team is still processing the original script and planning out the details of each of the five maps. We have great plans for this campaign and hopefully the fan communities will support this project.

If you would like to help with the project, please don't hesitate to contact us either on this forum, by mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or on FaceBook at

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Since the community of fans are keen to keep playing the old games, here is something that may be of interest: a Heroes IV Tournament run by the fans, here presented by user BrennusWhiskey.

"The Kings" is the second tournament to be run in this series, and will involve several games run over a period of several months, concluding before the end of 2016.

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Currently out on Kickstarter is a project you might be interested in: the first Heroes of Might and Magic piano sonata album and scorebook.

"The aim of the project is to release Paul Anthony Romero’s album and scorebook with the Heroes of Might and Magic game series soundtrack, recorded during the composer’s only piano concert in Torun, Poland during the 13th Tofifest International Film Festival on October 24, 2015."

The goal is to release the album both digitally and on CD and vinyl, and they have just under 2 weeks left to raise the $30.000 needed to see the project through.


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Here's a demonstration from World of Heroes of a really cool "water feature" in Heroes VII; how to use the editor to create the effect of draining water.


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CH logoWould you like to contribute to the contents on Celestial Heavens?

This site can only survive if there is enough activity to justify its existence. Right now, that is not the case. For the past year or two, we have had a few eager and hard-working guys who have managed to rebuild the site's framework, but that is all for naught if there is no contents. I have pretty much been doing that solo lately, and that is not a viable solution, for obvious reasons. We are therefore looking for people who wish to create contents so that the fans can find things they need.

What we're looking for is:

  • Single-map walkthroughs or tactics.
  • Faction strategies.
  • Creature stats for Heroes VII.
  • Anything else that is M&M or Heroes related.

Our maps section is still in overhaul mode, so although maps you send in will be received and made ready for publication, they aren't displayed until the work is finished.

If you create some things you wish to share with the world of M&M fans, please get in touch by simply commenting on this topic.

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Unity DLC

As I came home from work this evening, there was finally some news about the latest developments of Heroes VII:

Firstly, patch 1.7 has been released, the patch notes to which you can read here.

Secondly, the long-awaited campaign The Lost Tales of Axeoth: Unity has also been released, offering players a free boost of 5 new maps written by Terry B. Ray. So it's basically a free DLC. Also in the package are new heroes, artefacts, creatures and adventure buildings.


You can read all about the contents here, or start it up and play why not?

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After a year-and-a-half of communication exclusively around the development of Heroes VII, Ubisoft have announced the closure of the Shadow Council, transferring the communication with fans to the official forums.

We here at Celestial Heavens have always encouraged the developers of M&M games to communicate directly with the fans wherever practical, and the Shadow Council was a decent attempt at doing so: it enabled the fans to vote on several aspects of the game development, although the comments section was also marred by spamming and malicious flaming. We believe the official forums will offer little in the way of direct communication, as the traffic load is way too high for the busy game developers to follow directly. They must therefore rely on a team of forum managers/moderators (as the announcement above admits) to relay the relevant info to them. This does introduce go-between and effectively severs the direct link between fans and developers, but also filters out the de-motivating "flaming" comments before they reach the devs.

Another opportunity lies in the use of fan-controlled forums such as ours, where H7 devs are known to pop by from time to time.

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