Before the end of October, I dispatched two questions to several Ubisoft PR representatives, hoping for an official statement:

  1. Since the development of the latest game in the franchise (Heroes VII) has now stopped, we are wondering: are there any plans for continuing the franchise with other games?
  2. There are rumours going around but no official statement has been released yet: can you confirm or deny that Erwan le Breton's team has been disbanded?

Can you guess whether we got a clear message or an ambiguous reply? Well, after hearing back from them I sent a quick follow-up, but haven't heard anything more and I think three weeks is enough time to wait. Here is the official reply:

"After more than four years of collaboration on Might and Magic projects, Ubisoft's partnership with Limbic Entertainment has come to an end. As a result, no further updates are planned for these projects or the related websites. Ubisoft wants to thank both Limbic and the community for their support and dedication over the past four years."

As you can see, the answer says that nothing new is planned, but it doesn't specifically say that there will be nothing more of the M&M franchise - which is what I'd like to know. It just says that there are no plans (not that there never will be any) and that Limbic are no longer connected with it. I guess it doesn't sound good, but we can't say anything definitive.

In case you're wondering about the second question, I did get a reply from a different PR rep but I'm not sure she realized the irony: she said she was going to forward my questions to the Might & Magic team. If the team has been disbanded, I wonder who she thinks is checking the e-mails?

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New version of VCMI mod was released. They are coming closer and closer to "final release", now just a tiny step before, with version 0.99. See full annoucenment on

If you like HoMM3 you shouldn't miss an oportunity to try this out.


Humble Bundle is still running a bundle with remastered Grim Fandago & Day of the Tentacle. You may decide if you join 99807 people, who already have it.

Whereas Ubisoft is giving for free Beyond Good & Evil, in its 30yrs anniversary club.


Several new maps were submitted to our forums, for H3:HoTA and H5. You can find them here. And guys from Master of Sighisoara Team also pushed up a third sequel and are preparing for more. applause


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Duel of ChampionsThe M&M DoC team have announced that on October 31., Duel of Champions will close down. After this date, both the game itself, the website and its official social media channels will no longer be accessible. The announcement also warns that you will have to convert all your remaining resources before the closing date, otherwise these will be lost after the shutdown.




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As we still haven't been able to get a proper map section up and running, we're entering manual mode. I've been frustrated over this but then I remembered: we have a forum, let's use it. Maps can still be uploaded and downloaded to and from our servers, it's just the actual map section pages that don't work. So, when you want to submit a map for testing or distribution, use the e-mail: maps(a) As soon as we have it uploaded, a post can be made in our forum's mapmaking guild. There, we can create dedicated topics to each map, for discussion and feedback or just matchmaking.

A new map is already out for testing - a Heroes V TotE map which you can find and discuss here.

Alternative solution for maptesting, if you want to do the whole thing yourself (it's faster), is to upload the map somewhere online, and then create a forum post in the mapmaking guild yourself. Just enter a link to where the file can be found, your contact information and whatever else you want to say.
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Creature Quest headGamesBeat did a really nice interview with JVC some days back, about the new Creature Quest game and some other stuff.


Read the whole thing here.

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For those of you who are interested in reading the actual scripts of Heroes campaigns, here is a bit of a snack for you.

Thanks to Karmakeld for the tip.

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There's new fan project of H7 Add-On, it goes under name: Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer

Developers (and they are still looking for new modders) are Lord Graa, Antalyan, Arsheesh, ticor and Maksim Bugrimov, Evgeny Korchuganov (3D Modelers).

Monsters and many faction details, including maps and scenarios are already in. As monsters there are done Scavenger, Mine Beetle, Searcher, Xenophage and Enslaver. Also some heroes like undead Yana Rane and plethora of factions, making a chance for perfect plot. :D

The project is in czech language only, with fraction of description translated to english.

Umbramancer s


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newshornDear visitors,

Our virtual server provider will be doing an upgrade some time this month. We have been placed in a queue, so we don't know exactly when it will happen, but we expect a few hours downtime when it's our turn.

If you see us down, rest assured it should only be for a short while.

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Julien Pirou aka Marzhin h7 dev letsplay oct14Level designer Julien Pirou, also known to us old-timers as "Marzhin", has announced that after working with the Might & Magic franchise for seven years, he is moving on to other projects. Pirou has been applying his creative talents as a level designer on the Heroes VI adventure packs, Might & Magic X and Heroes VII.

Pirou went on to say that he had had a great time working with Limbic and that he had learned a lot about the process of game production. We wish him every luck for the future.

You can find our previous interviews with Marzhin on our interviews page.

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