For those of you who are interested in reading the actual scripts of Heroes campaigns, here is a bit of a snack for you.

Thanks to Karmakeld for the tip.

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There's new fan project of H7 Add-On, it goes under name: Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer

Developers (and they are still looking for new modders) are Lord Graa, Antalyan, Arsheesh, ticor and Maksim Bugrimov, Evgeny Korchuganov (3D Modelers).

Monsters and many faction details, including maps and scenarios are already in. As monsters there are done Scavenger, Mine Beetle, Searcher, Xenophage and Enslaver. Also some heroes like undead Yana Rane and plethora of factions, making a chance for perfect plot. :D

The project is in czech language only, with fraction of description translated to english.

Umbramancer s


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newshornDear visitors,

Our virtual server provider will be doing an upgrade some time this month. We have been placed in a queue, so we don't know exactly when it will happen, but we expect a few hours downtime when it's our turn.

If you see us down, rest assured it should only be for a short while.

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Julien Pirou aka Marzhin h7 dev letsplay oct14Level designer Julien Pirou, also known to us old-timers as "Marzhin", has announced that after working with the Might & Magic franchise for seven years, he is moving on to other projects. Pirou has been applying his creative talents as a level designer on the Heroes VI adventure packs, Might & Magic X and Heroes VII.

Pirou went on to say that he had had a great time working with Limbic and that he had learned a lot about the process of game production. We wish him every luck for the future.

You can find our previous interviews with Marzhin on our interviews page.

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Today saw the official launch of the stand-alone expansion to Heroes VII: "Trial by Fire". It introduces the Fortress faction with two new campaigns.

There is also an update available for all players, taking the state of the game to version 2.0 and bringing in an in-game map generator and a skill wheel.

As you know, the info streaming session was cancelled, so you will have to look elsewhere for info. Here is the lineup.

Launch trailer:

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M&M Steam Sale
There is a big sale on Might & Magic titles in the Steam shop, with several titles going at as little as -75%. Heroes VII is going for 50%.

If you've been waiting for that price dump to pick up a title or two, maybe this is the moment?

Thanks to the Panda for the tip.


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Ubisoft have been hyping a live Twitch stream for about a month now, in order to promote the upcoming release of the Heroes VII expansion, "Trial by Fire" in a few days. Now we're getting reports (in an almost April Fools manner) that the whole thing may not be happening.

My first reaction was: "What? No, that must be a mistake."

My second reaction, once I realized this might be serious, was one of dejection.

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2 days ago a teaser-puzzle was posted as Picture-Of-The-Day. The puzzle itself was not a very difficult one. You know that Heroes 4 supports 3 different resolutions: 800*600 px, 1024*768 px, and 1280*1024 px. These resolutions have display ratios of 4*3 and 5*4. Our screenshot is a ratio of 16*9, which is visibly longer. If you open the screenshot is separate window (just drag an image to the tab bar of your browser) you can see it's Full HD: 1920*1080. 

Yes, we are working on HD-mod for Heroes 4!

Settings Menu HD

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Those of you who watch HoMM4 forums closely, probably remember the idea to create an AI enhancing utility. The general idea is to give players an instrument with which he/she can turn on and off different scripts to help AI. It's not real AI, of course, we rather help it cheat to the degree that is acceptable and fun for a player, and all on one centralized dashboard. 

The initial discussion is here: Call to H-IV mapmakers - AI enchancing scripts 

We at Equilibris Team tried make this idea a reality, but had couple setbacks. Recently we joined forces with iLiVeInAbOx05 whom you know as an author of Advanced Options Map Editor for HoMM4, and started making some progress. 

The video below is a proof of concept showing how it works.  

New scripts are added every day, but we will need good mapmakers' help with more complex and interesting ones. 

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