Ubisoft's Might & Magic Showdown was shutdown. The last date when the servers will be accessible will be at July 31. The game was removed from the shop two days ago.

mm showdown


"The game will remain in your Steam Library, but server support will end on July 31, 2017 and the game itself will become inoperable. In an effort to ensure that we abide by our players’ expectations of the Early Access model, we will be offering full refunds to players who feel they are owed them until July 31, 2017."

~Thank you Heroes. The Might & Magic SHOWDOWN team

The game was struggling for audience and for a few last days, there was almost no one in the lobby.

Previously the game received several patches, new Citadel, Hack Crag and Sandro mini campaigns. For most audience it was sensed like a beautiful miniatures painting tool - which could keep you busy for a hours. But the online part was not so well appreciated, the idea of scripting your hero and building him up through multitude of battles seems unfinished.

However I must applaud them for a courage, to try somethign new. And if I might add, if they would focus more on connecting the online part, we might have a perfect game to relax a while. The mix of painting and battling, just didn't blend well at this moment.

source: Steam

Thanks for alerting us goes to Avonu and JSE.