cartographerOn they are organizing map contest. If you enjoy making Heroes3 maps, either classical H3C or HoTA, why not to participate in?

The contest will run till the end of May (31.5. at 12:00). All submitted maps must be in english langugage. Only S sized maps (36x36) are allowed and without underground.

The first place will be carefully selected by Liso1 (Site Owner) and the other will be voted on FB. All of the contest conditions are available here. You can submit your maps on mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 After contest all received maps will be made available to download.


The best piece at the end. The first price is Ultimate General: Civil War + 1 random Steam game, the second is "Where The Water Taste Like Wine" + 1 random Steam game, the third is Ash of Gods: Redemption + 1 random Steam game, the fourth is Nantucket +1 random Steam game, the fifth is Spellforce 3 and the six is Myster Strategy Game. All of the prices were given by gaming portal

Happy Map Making!