Wryn Pendragon"Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer" - Heroes VII. Community project. For these who don't know, it aims to add mutated Xel's faction to the game, Atmos weather system and campaigns which decide about destiny of their world - Mondalar. All of that, what's been done, you can see on their pages here. And let me to say, that a lot was done!

Announced heroic cookies for audience to their Steam Group, if you wish to follow their progress or help in any other way. At the same point, they say, that they have 61% done, so I guess that some public testing will be in order soon.

Let the herds of followers happily grow! smile teeth



Greatest Mod 016 Sig

Heroes IV. Greatest Mod 016 Full by NimoStar was released! And looks like wish fullfilled for the whole community, NimoStar is adding clear Necropolis and Inferno factions. No more one town mixins..

Hundreds of new brushes for map making, remastered original campaigns and much more, check the announcement for full list of new additions and changes.  Try it and let us know!

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