The previous weeks were in sign of Black Friday and we are just continue strictly toward the Christmas. This means in general lots of discounts and people getting presents but lower activity from ' mod/game makers'.


VCMI - Mod Design Team

One of major VCMI features is, that is moddable. The full list of mods in all states of completeness is available here. Recently there were some pretty drafts from Mod Design Team. These were Sirena, Werewolf and Oasis, see the pics below. 


Mod Design Team - SirenaWerewolfMode Desing Team - Oasis


Heroes 7 - The Umbramancer Mod

is getting a major feature, that's being Atmos - The Weather System, with simple logic that if there is some weather before the battle, sure it will continue in the battle. Another positive effect is that it will probably shorter time of battles, as effects are intensified with each round. The short table to sum it up is available here.

To my knowledge there's not a public vesion yet, so all of the planned features are demonstrated in youtube videos.


Heroes 7 - Balance Mod

Second and more profound attempt to deliver fan made patch after patch 2.2.1, the balance mod can be found here. This is in russian and english, also you can grab czech translation here.



There's a silence regarding future of Might&Magic brand. However they expressed their meaning about free content and suprisingly they are all for it. Just for some games, they started it up. The whole article is available at  So next time, we may receive bonus maps and artifacts for free, same for everyone? Time returns on the beginning, new cycle begun. What was normal before, just again is. Marked as a new concept.

We may guess that attempts from Vivendi to hostile takeover of Ubisoft continue, as more and more defensive articles from Ubisoft continue to appear. Basically pointing out that if Vivendi would be in charge, the Ubisoft will become dumbed company. What to say, they are likely right. See this one for example.

Fearsome, we in M&M games don't have such monsters as "PR manager, Chairman or Stockholder", perhaps they should be added to the completely new House of Politics, with town screen of nice French Chateau. Or just as a dwelling, if you win them over! anime