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Runic Magic
Level I

Rune of Berserking

  • Creature will perform two Melee Attacks instead of one against the same target next attack (at least one friendly creature from this friendly stack must be killed before this rune can be placed on it).

Cost: 1o

Rune of Charge

  • Creature speed increases by 100% untill the end of the turn.

Cost: 1w

Level II

Rune of Exorcism

  • Dispels all the negative effects imposed on the creature (only those that can be dispelled basically).

Cost: 1s

Rune of Magic Control

  • Creature will have a chance to steal random positive effect imposed on the enemy target in attack once.

Cost: 1g

Level III

Rune of Elemental Immunity

  • Creature gets immunity to two random magical elements until the end of combat.

Cost: 1m

Rune of Etherealness

  • Creature gets incorporeality for one turn.

Cost: 1c

Level IV

Rune of Resurrection

  • Ressurects 40% of killed creatures in the stack.

Cost: 1o 1g

Rune of Thunderclap

  • Selected creature will have a chance to inflict the Thunderclap effect to the enemy in attack once (the target will lose its Initiative).

Cost: 1w 1m

Level V

Rune of Battle Rage

  • Creature will have a chance to perform a Melee Attack against all nearby enemies once (no retaliation).

Cost: 1o 1c

Rune of Dragonform

  • Creature gets +100% to its Defense, +100% to its attack and +50% to magic-proof for one turn (doesn’t work for Dragons).

Cost: 1w 1s