Ubisoft's Plans for Heroes V

On March 30th, Ubisoft announced a new game under the Might and Magic brand, Heroes of Might and Magic V. The game is developed by Nival Interactive, the Russian company responsible for the Etherlords, Blitzkrieg and Silent Storm series. Ubisoft has opened an official teaser site as well as forums. Details about the game are still scarce at this point, but you will find below a summary of what has been revealed until now.

An extensive collection of artwork and screenshots can be found on the screenshots page and in-depth commentary can be found for a number of these shots at the Heroes V section of the Heroespedia. The site is updated all the time by fans, so keep an eye on it!


Interviews : A short Q&A with Fabrice Cambounet about Ubisoft's plans for the Might and Magic series, and some tidbits about the early development of Heroes V. In a longer interview at Heroric Corner, Fabrice answers questions about the two Heroes mods, and discusses the artwork that has been released so far. Finally, in the second Celestial Heavens interview, Fabrice talks about the rumored system requirements, the reactions from the fans, the towns and creatures included in the game and more.

Official Discussion Threads: Upon the request of Ubisoft, Celestial Heavens has gathered feedback from the players in a series of discussion threads based on specific themes.

  1. Story (Discussion | Summary)
  2. Implementation of 3D Graphics ( Discussion | Summary)
  3. Favorite Sketch Poll ( Discussion | Summary)
  4. Role of Heroes in Combat ( Discussion | Summary)
  5. Map Editor ( Discussion | Summary)
  6. Technological Advance ( Discussion )
  7. Towns and Creatures ( Discussion | Summary)
  8. Creature Structure ( Discussion)
  9. Strategy and RPG Elements (Discussion)
  10. Skills (Discussion)
  11. Magic System (Discussion)
  12. The Battlefield (Discussion)

Important Forum Posts: There are dozens of forum threads dealing with the new Heroes game, but these are the ones you should read first:

Fan Proposals: Countless ideas have been submitted for a new Heroes game. Some fans went even further and wrote down detailed plans that include creature lineups, new gameplay features and hero classes. Here are some of the best articles to appear on the Round Table forums:

Archives: The description of New World Computing's plans for Heroes of Might and Magic V can be found here. Included are the first ever interview with Jon Van Caneghem and the Christian Vanover farewell message.

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