Let me open the new Tribes of the East section with a little information about the spells of the upcoming Heroes of Might and Magic V expansion. Some of them look familiar because their icons were included in the Hammers of Fate expansion, back when we thought a Naga town was in the work.

The description of Sorrow is still missing, but I should be able to find something soon. You can check out Heroic Corner for more information, in Russian, about those spells. Thanks to evilp who sent me all this info.

Tribes of the East: Spells


Arcane Crystal
  • Creates a crystal on the selected place on the field, blocking the way until the end of combat or until the crystal is attacked and destroyed.
Blade Barrier
  • Temporarily creates a wall, three squares long, on the selected part of the field. The wall has additional 75% Defense from the Range and Magical Attacks and returns damage equal to the number of lost Hit Points to the melee attackers.
Deep Freeze
  • Freezes targets, inflicting ice damage immediately and heavy damage during a certain amount of time.
Divine Vengeance
  • Inflicts magical damage to selected creature that depends on the number of enemies selected creature killed from the beginning of combat.
  • The target creature gains health regeneration on its turn. Does not work on Undead creatures.
  • Unknown
Summon Hive
  • Creates a wasp hive on the selected place of the field. A swarm of wasps from this hive will attack enemy creatures until the end of combat or until the hive is attacked and destroyed (The hive will not attack undead, elemental and mechanical units).
  • Selected friendly creature gets all Undead attributes and the ability to drain life just like vampires.