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The home of Might-aligned troops, who have shunned almost all forms of magic. Stronghold armies are native to the dry and rough terrain, while the neutral Might-aligned creatures belong in the deep oceans of the world.

the town of might, barbarians and non-magic heroes


Common Buildings


A town's hall is its center of leadership. Your halls provide you with income in the form of gold.


A castle provides a town with increased security.

Magic Dampener

Instead of a mage guild, Stronghold towns can build the Magic Dampener, which provides all heroes with +10% magic resistance (cumulative with each town).


Can be build if the town is near water. Allows you to build, buy and enter ships with your army.


If the victor has a prison in one of his towns, a vanquished hero will be locked up until the player that owns him rescues him by conquering the town with the prison.


Hear the latest rumors or hire either a barbarian, lord, knight, death knight, thief or archer starter class hero. For more information check the hero class page. The tavern also raise the morale of siege defenders.


This structure works as a starting point for creature caravans, travelling from town to town.


The Arsenal sells stat-enhancing equipment, potions and vials. Compared to other town smithies, the Arsenal provides more special items for sale.

Festival of Life

The Stronghold grail structure increases the income, creature growth and strengthen the specialities of the town.



Berserk Dwelling
(level 1 walker)

Centaur Stables

Centaur Dwelling
(level 1 shooter)

Harpy Peak

Harpy Dwelling
(level 2 flyer)

Nomad Tents

Nomad Dwelling
(level 2 walker)

Ogre Fort

Ogre Mage Dwelling
(level 3 walker)

Cyclops Cave

Cyclops Dwelling
(level 3 shooter)

Cliff Nest

Thunderbird Dwelling
(level 3 flyer)

Behemoth Crag

Behemoth Dwelling
(level 4 walker)


Specific Buildings

Wrestling Pits

This structure increases the melee and ranged attack of any visiting hero by 3.

Breeding Pens

The Breeding Pens increase the creature growth of the town by 50%.

Arena of Honor

The Arena of Honor increases the melee and ranged defense of any visiting hero by 3.