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"The one town most similar to HoMM3 (it's almost al human unit mix mirrors the Castle from the earlier game), its Life magic lets it resurrect lost units after winning a battle."

the town of life magic, humans and noble heroes


Common Buildings


A town's hall is its center of leadership. Your halls provide you with income in the form of gold.


A castle provides a town with increased security. Presence of a castle also increases town creature production.

Holy Cathedral

The Holy Cathedral is center for spell research and provide Life spells for heroes to learn. Each upgrade of the Cathedral increases the number and level of spells available. The two small buildings beneath, are the Orders of Nature and Enchantment, which allows you to learn spells from the neighbouring magic schools, Nature and Order.


Can be build if the town is near water. Allows you to build, buy and enter ships with your army.


If the victor has a prison in one of his towns, a vanquished hero will be locked up until the player that owns him rescues him by conquering the town with the prison.


Hear the latest rumors, or hire either a priest, knight, mage, archer, druid or lord starter class hero. For more information check the hero class page. The Tavern also raises the morale of siege defenders.


This structure works as a starting point for creature caravans, travelling from town to town.

Order of Paladins

From this order you can buy stat-enhancing equipment and potions. Items available are; Longsword, Plate Mail, Holy Water, Potions of Restoration, Fire Resistance, Healing and Mirth.

Holy Avatar

Increases the income, creature growth and strengthen the specialities of the town.


Squire's Guild

Squire Dwelling
(level 1 walker)

Archery Range

Crossbowman Dwelling
(level 1 shooter)

Ballista Works

Ballista Dwelling
(level 2 shooter)


Pikemen Dwelling
(level 2 walker)


Crusader Dwelling
(level 3 walker)


Monk Dwelling
(level 3 shooter)

Knight's Chapter

Champion Dwelling
(level 4 walker)

Altar of Light

Angel Dwelling
(level 4 flyer)


Specific Buildings


The stables take care of your hero's horse when visiting the town. Armies departing from towns with stables have their movement allowance increased with +5 for the next 7 days.


The Abbey provides armies with +2 morale for their next battle.


The Seminary enables visiting heroes to learn 4 basic secondary skills from Tactics, Combat, Life Magic, Order Magic and Nature Magic.


Neighbour Alignments


Enter the town of Academy

The town of Order Magci


Enter the town of Preserve

The town of Nature Magic