Kingdom List

This strange new world has brought about many changes, and new kingdoms is not the least of these.  There are six new main kingdoms, and Heroes IV covers the establishing of these kingdoms at various stages.

Aranorn is the land of the elves.  They rule supremely here, in tune with nature.  Elwin Marath is their appointed leader and is responsible for recruiting the creatures needed to flesh out the ranks.  Druids took instantly to summoning spells and the others related to the Druidic magic taught by Genevieve.

Iranese is the land of humans.  Almost strictly a human settlement, this land is a safe haven for all of those who used to live in Erathia. The new King, Lysander has much opposition as many of the people seek ties to the old Gryphonheart line.  He must face a civil war in order to keep his kingdom under control.

Yanathrae was built by Tawni Balfour, an ambitious woman who was able to gain control of the most unruly group of creatures on the planet.  Her sheer force of will forged this town and despite its chaotic nature may be one of the strongest kingdoms.  Tawni is interested in power, and will do most anything to get it.  She controls a large bay, and all of the shipping lines within.

Country Alignment Ruler Title Sex
Aranorn Nature Elwin Marath Chairman Male
Yanathrae Chaos Tawni Balfour Queen Female
Palaedra Good Lysander King Male
Nekross Evil Gauldoth the Half-Dead Lord Male
Great Arcan Order Emilia Nighthaven Queen Female
Tribal Lands Barbarian Waerjak King Male
Pirien Islands Nature-Chaotic Quanna Peganna Empress Female
Hendand Good Andross King Male
Bracada Order-Evil Gavin Magnus King Male
Lianis Owaine Ilana Maelwa Bedalia Bronislaw Joaquim Bronte
Qualithra Strongwillow Gunnyr Radanas Piera Brathad Orinda Bertehal
Xanya Zalkinoe Adrienne Ruina Cathor Andras Kadril
  Kendra Savalus Aerus Mallory Silvana Beaumont Coilainn Ren
Jalmila Owlyn Nathanael Dolin Akira Regina Liadan Leander Seriant



Leader:    Ewlin Marath

Basic Philosophies:
The citizens of Aranorn are strongly tied to nature, and are its greatest protectors.  They believe in living in harmony with all creatures of nature, and not disturbing the environment around them.  Aranorn fights any who would destroy living creatures or plants.  They build their towns so as to not harm the environment or trees.  All wood is from dead or dying trees, young healthy ones are not used.  There are several festivals that give thanks to nature and her great bounty.

Archers and Druids make up the two basic types of heroes.  There are promotional titles, but they can only come at a later date.  The dominant races are Elves and Humans.

Military forces:
Sprite, Wolf
Elf, White Tiger
Griffin, Unicorn,
Phoenix, Faerie Dragon

Some other forces can also be called upon:    Leprechaun, Saytr, Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental, Water Elemental, and Mantis.

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Leader:    Tawni Balfour

Basic Philosophies:
Yanathrae is a place for pirates and other opportunists.  The realm is extremely chaotic, and in a constant state of flux, but does seem to be able to support a powerful monarch.  Tawni is able to enforce her codes and laws through brute force, and most people have discovered that they need to rely on themselves for protection and to get ahead in the world.  Most are distrustful of outsiders and don't like too many visitors.

Thieves and Sorcerers make up the two basic types of heroes.  There are promotional titles, but they can only come at a later date.  The dominant races are Minotaurs, Gnolls, Efreets and Humans.

Military forces:
Centaur, Gnoll
Medusa, Minotaur
Efreet, Nightmare
Black Dragon, Chaos Hydra

Some other forces can also be called upon:   Pirates, Troglodytes, Beholders, and Trolls.

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Leader:    Lord Lysander

Basic Philosophies:
Palaedra is based off of the Knight system.  To be a Lord, or a ruling entity you must be a Knight.  Women can be knights, and have equal opportunity in Palaedra.  There are no Dukes, Barons, Earls or even King, everyone simply has the title of either Lord or Lady.  This is to keep the arrogance of the ruling class to a minimum, and has met with opposition, but was quickly put to rest after Lord Lysander began to replace dissidents.  The laws are just and fair, and the ruling class realize it is their responsibility to care for the rest of the kingdom, not get fat and rich off them.  Lord Lysander has gone through several groups of knights in order to find those who are worthy of ruling.

Knights and Clerics make up the two basic types of heroes.  There are promotional titles, but they can only come at a later date.  The dominant race is human, and there is actually no other.

Military forces:
Squire, Crossbowmen
Ballista, Pikemen
Crusader, Monk
Archangel, Champion

Peasants can be called upon if totally necessary, but most avoid such a situation.

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Leader:    Gauldoth the Half-Dead

Basic Philosophies:
For the most part Nekross is made up of Demons and Undead, and the struggle for power and domination is all consuming.  Most citizens of Nekross have realized that Gauldoth is right, if you don't want to rule the world, just your own little corner of it people will leave you alone.  In the past several attempts at ruling the world have failed because of goody-two shoes adventurers, but if there isn't any such attempts you can have power, glory and everything else.  Maybe, if they become powerful enough Gauldoth will try to take over the world, but most see this as a pipe dream.  So the populace is quite content to torture the living inhabitants and wreak havoc in other places, in a subtle way of course.

Warriors and Necromancers make up the two basic types of heroes.  There are promotional titles, but they can only come at a later date.  The dominant races are Liches, Undead, Demons, Vampires and Humans.

Military forces:
Imp, Skeleton
Cerebus, Ghost
Demon Lord, Vampire
Arch Devil, Bone Dragon

Some other forces can also be called upon:   Zombies, Gargoyles, Ice Demons, and Mummies

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Great Arcan

Leader:    Queen Emilia Nighthaven

Basic Philosophies:
Great Arcan is a society based upon laws.  Fortunately, most of the laws are just and the ruling class realizes that no one is perfect, but the law is the law.  Magic, wealth, appearance, property and power are the greatest aspirations of all people.  However, to pursue these is to know you will work hard to achieve them.  This is a land of a great many peoples, and they all get along because of the orderly system of laws.  The people despise chaos and disorder and will go to great lengths to avoid such situations.

Lords and Enchanters make up the two basic types of heroes.  There are promotional titles, but they can only come at a later date.  The dominant races are Dwarves, Genies, Halflings and Humans.

Military forces:
Dwarf, Halfling
Gold Golem, Mage
Genie, Naga
Dragon Golem, Titan

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Tribal Lands

Leader:    Waerjak

Basic Philosophies:
The Barbarians of this land believe in protecting the community and have strong family ties.  The Barbarian way of life is very honorable, believing in a fair fight, a good battle, and being very straightforward.  They reject magic, but do allow some of their people to learn a little.  For the most part these people believe in might, strength and endurance.  Each tribe or clan has its own particular view, ranging from one extreme to the other, but for the most part they all have these basic beliefs.

Barbarians make up the two basic types of heroes.  There are promotional titles, but they can only come at a later date.  The dominant races are Ogres, Orcs and Humans.

Military forces:
Bandit, Orc
Harpy, Nomad
Cyclops, Ogre Mage
Behemoth, Thunderbird

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