Opening sequence

We are in the midst of battle, creatures from the Rampart town and the Barbarian town are engaged in hand-to-hand combat, archers are trying to pick off stragglers and larger creatures.  In the middle of the chaos you can see a large barbarian, Kilgor wielding a huge blade, the Sword of Frost.  It causes ripples of power, and anything it touches becomes mostly frozen.  Gelu, wielding Armageddon's Blade is on the other side of the combat, working his way towards the barbarian.  Cutting down all who stand in their way the two work their way towards each other under the pre-dawn sky.  It is streaked black and red, foretelling of the event about to happen.  The two finally meet in the center, circle each other and both attack simultaneously.  The blades come in contact and a blinding flash instantly follows, wiping out everything on the screen.

The sounds of swords and axes clashing, creatures and people dying, battle cries, and the moans of the dying.

Scene:  Cut white to an army, it is still early morning, the sun barely showing.  The Erathian army is marching in rank just outside of a town.  The townspeople are going about their business, all of them are in the inside of the wall surrounding the town.  Far off in the distance a small white flash can be seen, barely a speck on the horizon.  For a moment it winks out of exisistence, but does attract the attention of a few.  Others turn to see what it was.  Then slowly, a white wall of light begins to flow towards the village.  Realizing something is about to flash their way many of the soldiers and townspeople duck behind the wall.  Seconds later the white light flashes over the wall, incinerating anything in it's way.  After the white flash is gone, people begin to look up and see the horror.  Moments later the scream of a thousand voices hits them like a tornado, the sound of the blast having finally caught up with the light show.

Voice Over:
"We had been warned.  If Armageddon's Blade and the Sword of Frost crossed, the world would end."

The sky begins to blacken quickly, and the morning sun is blotted out.  People begin to move quickly, rushing to their loved ones and homes.  Portals begin to shimmer and open.  Many simply begin to rush through, the soldiers organize civilians and get them through the portals.  Moments later a volcano can be seen, forming not too far away.  It begins to spew lava, ash and lava bombs.  People panic and dive through the portals, ignoring everything else.  As a lava bomb hits a portal, the portal winks out of existence.  People panic even more and begin to stampede.  The lava flows, creating rivers and cutting off soldiers and civilians alike from the safety of the portals.  Out of the sky swoop the angels, picking up the distressed people and bringing them to safety.  Eventually all are through the portals, or dead.

Voice:  Lysander
By the grace of the Ancients we were saved.  Portals appeared as foretold, and we ran for our safety.

It is a new world, still wild and uncultivated.  We are facing a port town being built.  It is the Order town, with straight columns and very orderly structures.  (Think geometric and Greek)  Creatures and people are busily going about their business, evidence they have been here for some time.  Humans, dwarves, halflings, gold golems, mages, genies, nagas, dragon golems and Titans can be seen in this town.

Voice:  Lysander
This is a new world with new rules, new allies, new armies and new enemies.  We must survive.

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