Hero Classes


1. Basic Hero Classes:

Knight (Life, Might Hero) – Basic Tactics; Basic Defense
Priest (Life, Magic Hero) – Basic Life; Basic Healing
Archer (Nature, Might Hero) – Basic Combat; Basic Archery
Druid (Nature, Magic Hero) – Basic Nature; Basic Herbalism
Thief (Chaos, Might Hero) – Basic Scouting; Basic Stealth
Sorceror (Chaos, Magic Hero) – Basic Chaos; Basic Conjuration
Death Knight (Death, Might Hero) – Basic Tactics; Basic Offense
Necromancer (Death, Magic Hero) – Basic Death; Basic Occultism
Lord (Order, Might Hero) – Basic Nobility; Basic Estates
Mage (Order, Magic Hero) – Basic Order; Basic Enchantment 
Barbarian (Might, Might Hero) – Basic Combat; Basic Melee; Basic Resistance  

2. Advanced hero classes – based on the main primary skill:

Scouting/Combat: Ranger
Scouting/Tactics: Field Marshal
Scouting/Nobility: Guildmaster
Scouting/Order: Seer
Scouting/Life: Prophet
Scouting/Nature: Bard
Scouting/Chaos: Fire Diviner
Scouting/Death: Ninja
Combat/Souting: Ranger
Combat/Tactics: General
Combat/Nobility: Warlord
Combat/Order: Battle Mage
Combat/Life: Paladin
Combat/Nature: Beastmaster
Combat/Chaos: Fireguard
Combat/Death: Assassin
Tactics/Scouting: Field Marshal
Tactics/Combat: General
Tactics/Nobility: Lord Commander
Tactics/Order: Illusionist
Tactics/Life: Crusader
Tactics/Nature: Warden
Tactics/Chaos: Pyromancer
Tactics/Death: Reaver
Nobility/Scouting: Guildmaster
Nobility/Combat: Warlord
Nobility/Tactics: Lord Commander
Nobility/Order: Wizard King
Nobility/Life: Cardinal
Nobility/Nature: Beast Lord
Nobility/Chaos: Witch King
Nobility/Death: Dark Lord
Order/Scouting: Seer
Order/Combat: Battle Mage
Order/Tactics: Illusionist
Order/Nobility: Wizard King
Order/Life: Monk
Order/Nature: Enchanter
Order/Chaos: Wizard
Order/Death: Shadow Mage
Life/Scouting: Prophet
Life/Combat: Paladin
Life/Tactics: Crusader
Life/Nobility: Cardinal
Life/Order: Monk
Life/Nature: Summoner
Life/Chaos: Heretic
Life/Death: Dark Priest
Nature/Scouting: Bard
Nature/Combat: Beastmaster
Nature/Tactics: Warden
Nature/Nobility: Beast Lord
Nature/Order: Enchanter
Nature/Life: Summoner
Nature/Chaos: Warlock
Nature/Death: Demonologist
Chaos/Scouting: Fire Diviner
Chaos/Combat: Fireguard
Chaos/Tactics: Pyromancer
Chaos/Nobility: Witch King
Chaos/Order: Wizard
Chaos/Life: Heretic
Chaos/Nature: Warlock
Chaos/Death: Lich
Death/Scouting: Ninja
Death/Combat: Assassin
Death/Tactics: Reaver
Death/Nobility: Dark Lord
Death/Order: Shadow Mage
Death/Life: Dark Priest
Death/Nature: Demonologist
Death/Chaos: Lich

3. Advanced hero classes and bonuses – listing by Might & Magic

Might heroes: Tactics/Combat: GENERAL - All units gain +1 Morale Tactics/Nobility: LORD COMMANDER - All units gain +2 Morale
Tactics/Scouting: FIELD MARSHAL - All units gain a 10% increase in Ranged and Melee Attack

Combat/Nobility: WARLORD - Hero gains +5 Melee Attack
Combat/Scouting: RANGER - Hero gains the ability to shoot (if it didn't already) and gains +5 Ranged Attack

Nobility/Scouting: GUILDMASTER - Hero has a certain chance of stunning an enemy in melee fighting. Stunned enemies cannot do anyting (including retaliate) for one turn
Magic heroes: Any 3 magic schools: ARCHMAGE - The effectiveness of all spells increases by 20%
Order/Life: MONK - Hero gains Chaos Ward: 50% resistence to Chaos spells and 50% protection (increase to Ranged and Melee Defenses) against Chaos aligned units
Order/Nature: ENCHANTER - The effectiveness of all Summoning and Illusion spells is increased by 20%
Order/Chaos: WIZARD - The cost of all spells is reduced by 2
Order/Death: SHADOW MAGE - Hero is constantly surrounded by a cloud which interferes with aiming, increasing Ranged Defense by 50%

Life/Nature: SUMMONER - Increases the effectiveness of the Summoning Skill: Hero can raise +20 XP more creatures per day
Life/Chaos: HERETIC - Hero gains the ability to ignore all effects from Wards
Life/Death: DARK PRIEST - Hero gains Vampirism: for every 2 HP Damage to the enemy, 1 HP is recovered

Nature/Chaos: WARLOCK - The Spellpoints of the hero increase by +10 and Spellpoints regenerate +1 per day
Nature/Death: DEMONOLOGIST - Increases the effectiveness of the Summon Imps, Summon Cerberi, Summon Venom Spawn, Summon Ice Demons, and Summon Devils spells so that they summon +50 XP more creatures

Chaos/Death: LICH - Hero can temporarily age enemies: Aged enemies have their Attack reduced by 25%, theirDefense reduced by 20%, and their Speed and Movement reduced by 50%

Might and Magic Heroes: Order/Tactics: ILLUSIONIST - The effectiveness of Illusion spells increases by 20%
Order/Combat: BATTLE MAGE - The force of the spells Magic Fist and Ice Bolt are increased by 20%. Magic Fist is automatically learned (if not already known)
Order/Nobility: WIZARD KING - Melee attack reduces the Luck of the enemy to the minimum
Order/Scouting: SEER - The radius of vision of the hero increases by +2 

Life/Tactics: CRUSADER - Hero always has maximum Morale 
Life/Combat: PALADIN - Hero gains Death Ward: 50% resistence to Death spells and 50% protection (increase to Ranged and Melee Defenses) against Death aligned units
Life/Nobility: CARDINAL - Hero obtains +5% to the Resurrection skill
Life/Scouting: PROPHET - Hero has Spiritual Armor which increases Ranged and Melee Defense by 25%

Nature/Tactics: WARDEN - All units obtain a 10% increase in Ranged and Melee Defense
Nature/Combat: BEASTMASTER - The effectiveness of the spell Summon Wolf increases by 20%
Nature/Nobility: BEAST LORD - The effectiveness of the spells Summon Wolf and Summon White Tiger increase by 20%
Nature/Scouting: BARD - Hero always has maximum Luck

Chaos/Tactics: PYROMANCER - Hero constantly has a Fire Shield which inflicts damage on any who attempt a melee attack
Chaos/Combat: FIREGUARD - The hero gains complete immunity to fire-based spells. Fire-based attacks inflict only half damage
Chaos/Nobility: WITCH KING - Melee attack induces Fear: the enemy does not retaliate and flees several spaces
Chaos/Scouting: FIRE DIVINER - The effectiveness of all fire-based spells increases by 20%

Death/Tactics: REAVER - Hero constantly has Bloodlust (+25% Damage)
Death/Combat: ASSASSIN - The Speed and Movement of the hero are increased by +3
Death/Nobility: DARK LORD - Melee attack reduces the Morale of the enemy to the minimum
Death/Scouting: NINJA - The weapon of the hero becomes poisoned: the posioned enemy takes damage every round from the time of injury until the end of combat 

4. Town starting classes:

Academy Associated with
Order Life Death
Lord – Nobility
Mage – Order
Knight – Tactics
Priest – Life
Death Knight – Tactics
Necromancer - Death
Haven Associated with
Life Order Nature
Knight – Tactics
Priest – Life
Lord – Nobility
Mage – Order
Archer – Combat
Druid – Nature
Preserve Associated with
Nature Life Chaos
Archer – Combat
Druid – Nature
Knight – Tactics
Priest – Life
Thief – Scouting
Sorceror – Chaos
Asylum Associated with
Chaos Nature Death
Thief – Scouting
Sorceror – Chaos
Archer – Combat
Druid – Nature
Death Knight – Tactics
Necromancer – Death
Necropolis Associated with
Death Nature Order
Death Knight – Tactics
Necromancer – Death
Thief – Scouting
Sorceror – Chaos
Lord – Nobility
Mage – Order
Stronghold Associated with
Chaos Nature Death
Barbarian – Combat Lord – Nobility Knight – Tactics
Archer – Combat
Thief – Scouting
Death Knight – Tactics