Ability Name Creatures With Ability Ability Description
3-headed Attack Cerberus All enemies standing to the left, front and right of the creature are attacked simultaneously
Aging Ghost Chance of Aging during an attack. An Aged creature does less damage and has less defense.
Area Attack Cyclops The range attack strikes all targets, friendly or hostile, in a small area.
Berserk Berserker The creature must attack or move to attack every turn. They cannot wait.
Binding Mantis Creature Binds the last creature attacked. Bound enemies cannot move, but can attack, retaliate and cast spells. Bound creatures do half damage when they attack.
Blinding Unicorn Chance of Blinding an enemy during an attack.
Block Minotaur Chance of Blocking any attack, melee or ranged, every time.
Bloodlust Ogre Magi Can cast the Chaos Magic spell Bloodlust.
Bonuses at Sea Pirate Creature is faster and does more damage when fighting on a ship. Defense also increases.
Breath Attack Black Dragon, Phoenix Breathes fire which counts as a Fire Attack, and may harm creatures directly behind the enemy.
Chaos Ward Titan Creature is immune to Chaos Magic and takes less damage from Chaos creatures.
Charge Champion Creature does more damage if it charges for a long distance before attacking.
Cold Attack Ice Demon, Water Elemental Creature has a cold-based attack; Creatures with Cold Resistance take half damage from their attacks.
Cold Resistance Ice Demon, Water Elemental Creature is immune to cold-based spells and takes half damage from enemies with cold-based attacks.
Curse Mummy Creature's normal attack also acts as the Death Magic spell Curse.
Death Ward Crusader, Monk Creature is immune to Death Magic spells and takes less damage from Death creatures.
Devouring Sea Monster Chance of devouring an enemy whole with each attack.
Elemental Air, Earth, Fire & Water Elementals, Gargoyle Immunity to certain spells (such as Poison) that only work on normal, living creatures.
Fear Bone Dragon No retaliation & the creature struck runs away a short distance after the attack.
Fire Attack Efreet, Fire Elemental, Black Dragon, Phoenix Creature has a fire-based attack; Creatures with Fire Resistance take half damage from their attacks.
Fire Resistance Efreet, Fire Elemental, Phoenix Creature is immune to fire-based spells and takes half damage from enemies with fire-based attacks.
Fire Shield Efreet Has a fire shield that damages any enemy when they attack.
First Strike Champion, Dgn. Golem, Nomad, Mantis, W. Tiger In melee combat, the creature strikes first before an opponent can retaliate. Works while retaliating too.
Flying Air Elemental, Angel, Beholder, Black Dragon, Bone Dragon, Efreet, Faerie Dragon, Gargoyle, Genie, Ghost, Griffin, Harpy, Imp, Mantis, Phoenix, Sprite, Thunderbird, Vampire Creature can fly over obstacles, creatures, heroes, and castle walls.
Fortune Leprechaun Creature can cast the Nature Magic spell Fortune.
Giantslayer Halfling Creature does extra damage against 4th level creatures.
Hypnotize Mermaid Chance of taking control of an enemy opponent for 1 turn during an attack.
Immune to Magic Black Dragon Complete immunity to all forms of magic, friendly or hostile.
Immune to Visual Atks Troglodyte All abilities and spells that influence vision (like Blind and Stone Gaze) have no effect on creature.
Insubstantial Air Elemental, Ghost Creature's Melee & Ranged Defense are increased by 100%.
Life Draining Vampire Every attack steals life from the enemy and will heal & even resurrect dead Vampires.
Life Ward Devil Creature is immune to Life Magic spells and takes less damage from Life creatures.
Lightning Attack Thunderbird Every attack also summons a bolt of lightning to strike the opponent.
Long Range Ballista, Crossbowman Creature ignores all ranged attack penalties for distance.
Long Weapon Pikeman Creature can attack enemies that are a short distance away, double the normal range.
Magic Mirror Faerie Dragon Creature reflects hostile spells back at the enemy, the same as the Magic Mirror spell.
Magic Resistance Dwarf, Earth Elemental, Gold Golem Creature has a chance of resisting most hostile spells; takes less damage from direct damage spells.
Mana Leech Imp Creature drains 2 spell points from the enemy each turn and transfers it to a nearby friend.
Mechanical Ballista, Dragon Golem, Gold Golem Creature is not affected by morale, or by spells or abilities that only work on living creatures.
Mirth Satyr Creature can cast the Life Magic spell Mirth.
Multiple Attack Hydra Creature attacks all nearby enemies simultaneously.
Negate First Strike Dragon Golem, Pikeman In melee combat, the creature never strikes after an opponent, even if they have First Strike.
No Obstacle Penalty Ballista Creature does full damage to targets behind castle walls.
No Retaliation Cerberus, Harpy, Hydra, Naga, Sprite, Vampire When the creature attacks, the opponent cannot retaliate.
Normal Melee Centaur, Medusa, Orc, Titan This ranged creature does not suffer a damage penalty when attacking enemies in melee combat.
Poison Venom Spawn Living creatures struck by the attack are Poisoned and take additional damage every turn.
Random Harmful Spells Beholder When this creature attacks, it casts a random Chaos Magic or Death Magic spell on the enemy.
Ranged Ballista, Beholder, Centaur, Crossbowman, Cyclops, Elf, Halfling, Medusa, Monk, Orc, Titan, Venom Spawn, Waspwort Creature can attack at a distance; Does half damage in melee combat unless they have Normal Melee.
Ranged First Strike Elf Creature strikes first in ranged combat before a ranged opponent can retaliate.
Rebirth Phoenix Creature can return to life if killed; If all are killed and haven't used the ability, a portion will be reborn.
Regeneration Troll Creature completely heals all wounds at the beginning of each of its turns.
Resurrection Angel Creature can bring dead friendly targets back to life.
Shoots Twice Elf This ranged creature fires twice each time it attacks.
Short Range Orc, Centaur Creature's ranged attack decreases dramatically at long range.
Skeletal Skeleton, Bone Dragon Creature's ranged defense is increased by 100%.
Spellcaster Faerie Dragon, Genie, Magi, Water Elemental Creature knows a variety of spells that can be cast in combat (dependent on the target).
Stealth Bandit Creature is invisible at a distance on the Adventure Map to 2nd level creatures and heroes with Basic Scouting. Creature is invisible to adjacent 1st level creatures and heroes with no scouting.
Stone Gaze Medusa Creature has a chance of killing enemies instantly each attack; no effect vs. Undead, Mech., Elemental.
Stone Skin Gargoyle Creature's Melee & Ranged Defense by 25% in combat. Stoneskin spell has no additional effect.
Strength Behemoth Increases the creature's combat damage.
Strike and Return Harpy Creature flies back to its starting point after attacking.
Stun Squire Chance of stunning enemies for 1 turn every attack. Stunned enemies cannot take action or retaliate.
Summon Demons Devil Creature can summon Ice Demons
Taxpayer Peasant Creature generates 1 gold per day per creature in the stack in taxes.
Teleport Devil Creature can move to almost any point on the battlefield instantly.
Terror Nightmare Creature can cast Terror on an opponent; Enemies with Terror cannot take any action for 1 turn.
Toughness Zombie Increases the creature's hit points.
Two Attacks Berserker, Crusader, Wolf Creature attacks twice in melee combat. Second attack occurs after enemie's retaliation.
Undead Bne. Drgn, Ghost, Mummy, Skel., Vamp., Zmbie Creature is not affected by morale, or by spells or abilities that only work on living creatures.
Unlimited Retaliation Griffin Creature can retaliate against any number of attacks in one turn.
Weakness Waspwort Creature inflicts Weakness on its target each attack. Weakened creatures do less damage.