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Supreme Crown of the Magi

The hero gains +50 spell points and regenerates 10 extra spell point per day

Adamantine Armor

Increases the hero's Melee and Ranged Defense by 50

Sword of the Gods

Increases the hero's Melee Attack and Melee Defense by 3. All friendly targets do +50% damage

Thunder Hammer

Increases the hero's Melee Attack skill by 8, and does 70 hit points of lightning damage plus 7 per level of the hero. Uses both the left and right hand slots

Bull Rune Battleaxe

Increases the hero's Melee Attack by 50

Bow of the Elf King

Increases the hero's Ranged Attack by 5. All friendly ranged creatures gain +1 shot per ranged attack

Horned Bow

Increases the hero's Ranged Attack by 50

Adamantine Shield

Gives all friendly targets +50% to their Melee and Ranged Defense. It also gives the hero +3 Melee and Ranged Defense

Archmage’s Codex

Contains all fifth level spells. The hero must have the appropriate magic skills to cast the spells

Neener’s Invulnerable Cloak

The hero gains 100% magic resistance

Scarab of Summoning

Increases the power of the hero's summoning, raise, and illusion spells by 100%

Ring of Greater Negation

All spell immunities and protections are negated for all creatures and heroes, friend and foe alike

Flaming Arrow

The hero's normal ranged damage now does fire damage in a 3x3 yard radius