The Call of Liriel

is an Indie open world first-person party-based free movement RPG. It is being funded on Indiegogo.

They are using MaestroMod for images, the character's portraits, items and other 2D art. Their initial funding goal is $8000 by December 12th. Like a kickstarter those who donate will receive perks as a way of saying thank you. There are later funding goals all explained at the site linked above.

Link to campaign
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The team consists of Diego López Bugna - Game developer, Level designer, and Software engineer, he started programming on the commodore 128. Game developer since 2015. MM7 lover.

The second team member is Gabriel Perdomo - Level designer, 3d artist, and Jack of all trades man.


Crowdfunding trailer:

It is being discussed in the Might and Magic Forum in this thread, which you can see pinned down, as comments.