Elemental Guardians by UbisoftMight&Magic: Elemental Guardians global launch date is over and game is now officially live. If you have mobile phone with either iOS or Android you can now make your own impression. Let to say, finally.

In the game you advance, collect soulstones and summon your creatures for 'epic' 5v5 players fights. There's in-game chat, to support your guild mates. The game is free but your are not limited to buy as much bonus packages as you wish, so you can become quite a spender, take it like a warning, you should not right now.

Preferably built for tablets, with use of 3D graphics, taking its toll from your phone performance.

The game doesn't bear any resemblance to classic Might&Magic titles and merely it's a new addition to their new Ubisoft family, like previous M&M: Showdown. If you remember our previous news, you now know that it took more than a year.

What is your impression and did you played the game? Come and tell us here! smile teeth

The future of Might & Magic home page is here. | Followed by FB and FAQ section. | And even forums, manned by Ubi volunteers force, currently with quite a few bugs being reported here and there.

No, don't ask me how is with China market this time - I just don't happen to know. The developer is Ubisoft Barcelona. The another question, why they felt that is necessar to change a game icon from peaceful to grr, .tack!, seems to be to support the hype.