The developers of Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars modification project have just presented a trailer of the upcoming release.

You can find more information in the respective thread on Celestial Heavens Forums or on their official info sources:

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Although the earlier builds of the mod had to be installed as ERA II portable mods, for the upcoming v0.8 release the developers tease a brand new "install-and-play" feature, which is going to make life much easier. The mod is also compatible with HDmod, even if it doesn't support HD+ for now

Currently, the mod is in the final stage of closed beta testing.

The Mod is tuned for Heroes II. like units, interface and spells. It also comes with its own map editor and converted maps, to illustrate, see the images below, click on "Read more..". As for the lineup,  graphic of a new creatures is going to be yet even more improved.

H3SW-ConvertedMaps H3SW-MythLegends H3SW KnightTown H3SW NewOld H3SW UnitsConcept