this is a strictly informatory article, to help you better understand Heroes III. and also to find some answers to our registration questions.

Heroes III. is a tricky game, when it was first released, there were factors like negative luck or multiple casting of Blind Spell - these were later removed, as imbalanced. Though and idea to Blind and entire enemy army was excellent. This perk had come from Scholar skill, when you were learning higher spells levels.

Probably more known is a Fear Speal (Disabled) which was found in Pyramids, this is the same which was featured for Azure Dragons and should exists as a standalone spell. But never did.

There is a great Dragon Hunter, in the game, coming with Armageddon Blade Add-On. So appart the mission with assembling the Armageddon Blade itself, he was here too. Let quote something more about him:

- 02-13-1175 -
" Magnus has sent a young hero to face the dragon. His name is Dracon and his credentials are impressive.  He removed the threat of both a Rust Dragon and a Faerie Dragon not too long ago.  Seems these dragons were invading Bracada, and he cleared them out rather quickly.  His crowning accomplishment to date is the killing of the feared Azure Dragon.  This particularly nasty dragon had a habit of pretending to be nice, orderly and friendly, but the second you looked away there would be a claw in your back and he'd have lunch.  I was glad to hear of it's demise, such awful beasts should not be on the loose.  I only hope that Dracon can do the job and kill the Dragon Queen."


There is never enough of Dragons in Erathia. Let start counting, the Elves have Gold and Green, Dungeon Overlords keep Red and Black - with likelyhood of Armageddon facility in their Library. And then there are neutral dragons, the first and the most tricky are Faerie Dragons - they cast offensive spells and only proven defense against them is Diamond Golem coupled with Teleport Spell.

Rust Dragons, breathe acid as they consume the sulfur and reduce your defense, more and more with each blow. Crystal Dragons are creations of Alchemits, bearing some spell resistence but being only very fast walkers. And supremacy is reserved for Azure Dragons, the most powerful Dragons of all, spreading Fear, freezing you where you are. With their stats they can trash your Archangels to dust, with any junior hero.

That's seven.


Sir Christian was always a capable boy, in younger age he was however known for having a different passion. He was fragrance alchemist, there's a bonus campaign hidden for you, after you complete all the previous ones. But beware, there's a bug - you explicitly need to load from the last save of your campaign to receive the gold checkmark, confirming campaign completion. If you will just continue without it, game won't offer the last campaign "Foolhardy Waywardness".

Probably most known campaign is the one which was in the demo, being a truly Epic. That count in also the intro scene with Queen Catherine - Long Live the Queen, how else.. :)

At this time, be aware that Heroes III. HD from Ubisoft are incomplete, having just the Restoration of Erathia part, due to the fact, that all other resources were lost. Although the Android port is lovely.

So if you wish to have full experience, it can be recommended to start with Heroes III. Complete or SoD (Shadow of Death, featuring Sandro), best accomplished with either:

As WoG is dead and Long Live the WoG, it's a part of the last two. There's also ongoing project for WoG 3.59 International.



If you are looking for maps Barbarian Breakout {Allied}, Crimson and Clover {Allied}, Divided Loyalties {Allied}, Emerald Isles {Allied},Myth and Legends, Realm of Chaos {Allied}, Rumble in the Bogs {Allied}, Warlords {Allied} or SEVEN3 you can find them all here.

For allied version of Realm of Chaos you can look  here: 9Th_Realms-360g and for SEVEN3 is this one. As well as for Myth and Legends and fixed second part Pandora's Box, all here.

All these maps are not a standard part of Heroes III. Complete but were released with individual game patches. The latest game version is 4.0. Heroes III. - Complete, which is already fully patched.

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