The first part of the Necropolis lineup has been revealed.

The developers have chosen a traditional path, going with skeletons and ghosts, but also spiders.

One can only speculate as to whether this means more traditional creatures will appear; the lich, the vampire and the bone dragon come to mind. Let's wait and see.
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At last Ubi's Master Cabir succeeded and after lot of hard effort created Acadamy section. There you can see short units description, Kaspar's commentary and pre-planned abilities. That all for likely final Cabir - Gargoyle - Golem - Djinn - Rakshasa - Apprentice - Arcane Eagle & Colossus line. Don't forget everything is in beta stage and nothing is final. Numbers are still a mystery.

Academy is now having nice touching theme - The Wizards Waltz, therefore we may summon Sound Council to place your opinion. You can compare with previous themes, For Green Falls and The Elven Coronation.

Concept of Heroes VI. Necropolis is touting a grand return. Everything is perfect here, we heard from Ubi, and the faction style suits new game. With Bone Dragon as top tier unit, Ebony Spider in the middle and apocalyptical Grim Reaper as second top tier unit. Necro line seems to be: Skeleton/Skeleton Hoplite - Ghost/Banshee - Ebon Spider/Death Spider - Lamasu/Plague Lamasu - Lich/Arch Lich - Vampire/Vampire Knights - Bone Dragon/Spectral Dragon - Grim Rider/Grim Reaper. No abilities are known, expect innovations, they were announced. Hear that traditional H3 Necromancy skill should be back on track. Our favourite Sveltana Anastasya could perhaps shed more true light there, in the future campaign. But for now my bets stay with Kaspar.

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Finally some news; an interesting Q&A. By "interesting" we mean that it contains new information or at least confirmation on certain bits of information the Community at large have been asking for, rather than things that are either old news or obvious. Here we go, then:
  • Flexible adventure map dwellings.
  • Buildings can be destroyed, but not without consequences.
  • Terrain influences movement.
  • You can dig for treasure.
  • "Fast combat" is available.
  • All the typical game modes we're used to are in - possibly more.
  • Achievements and artefact sets are in.
  • There are neutrals. Sea elves and griffins are disclosed, more probably to follow.
  • More adventure map spells than in H6.

Read the whole Q&A here.
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Today saw the release of the remake of the most celebrated game in the franchise, Heroes of Might and Magic III, on Steam. The wait is over, you can now buy the polished version and see it for yourself, whether it is worth the hype or not. Later, you can play it on tablets too, which is nice.

You can follow their channel on twitch.
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Dear Heroes,

H7's Dev Blog announce new screeenshots for player which cannot wait no longer for more information.
Fans can discover 2 screenshots for the adventure map, new environments and some combat map.

So, as me, have you fond some nice information about the game in those screenshots?

Hello Councillors,

Let's start this week (& month) with some new screenshots of Might & Magic Heroes VII!
It's been a while since the last batch of screenshots but we hope this will permit you to bear the wait until faction's videos!

Please keep in mind that those screenshots are work in progress and won't reflect final quality/ambiance of the game.

Find more information on Heroes VII Dev Blog.

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As Heroes III: HD was launched, Ubisoft also released an interview with David Mullich, director of HoMM III back in the days of NWC. Now teaching game production at the Los Angeles Film School, you can still follow him on his blog.

I half expected the thing to appear on the official blog, but since it hasn't I'll direct you to the fan sites instead. Here's the whole interview on Acidcave.
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Dear Heroes,

Two days later, a new bill was published on Heroes VII dev blog, and developers have presented Academy's Might Heroes.
Those Might Heroes will be divided into 3 classes:
- Blademage, real warriors of the Academy.
- Alchemist, focus only on prime and Water magic.
- Sheriff, law officers of the faction.

Players' reactions are quite numerous, and some didn't understand the choice of having created Sheriff... Maybe developers will give more information about this lineup when the will present Magic Heroes...

See more details on Heroes VII Dev Blog.

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Dear Heroes,

Now it's the time to discover some interesting things about Falcon Duchy's secrets. A new tale is available and reveal lots of features about the Ten Years War and the destiny of Ivan.
With those details, announced by Spy Master, we will see the deadliest years of the war, with an empire entirely submerged by battles.

Looking for guidance, Ivan decided to visit the abbey of Skarena, one of the Empire's oldest temples of Elrath. Two figures were waiting for him inside. One was an Elf druid, who introduced himself as Tieru. The other was the Angel Murazel, and she was offering to reveal the truth about Sandalphon's death.

See more on Heroes VII Dev Blog.

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Dear Heroes,

Might & Magic Heroes VII introduce exploration and battles, and this second system is presented on a new bill on Dev Blog.
On twelve points, the entire system is explained, even implicit aspects.
Of course, lots of them are inspired from past opus, but Dev team has tried to integrate older systems and improve them for the next game.

This article is about what changes, novelties and also current balancing tasks on Heroes VII's battle system. You'll find out the recipe is not really changed but we're trying to make battles more interesting and varied.

For many of you, some of those elements can appear to be “implicit” but this website is a place for all kind of Heroes :)

See more details on Heroes VII Dev Blog.

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