Two of the designers working on Heroes VII will appear for another talk on TWITCH, May 21st at 7pm CEST.

If you want to see what they have to say first-hand, you can watch that stream live by tuning in at the right time. Make a note in your calender.
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The beta test commences on Monday.

Testers are allowed to post their impressions in public, so that's what we're hoping you'll do.

Once the beta opens, please participate in this forum topic and also make sure you send screenshots.
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Turns out it wasn't ready.

More info here.
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There is a report on (thanks Marzhin) about the new mobile studio that was launched by Jon Van Caneghem, called VC Mobile Entertainment. He hopes to apply his experience in the gaming industry in a market where RPGs and strategy games have been very popular:

"Never before has there been a way to get to so many consumers so easily and so many people who are actually playing games on mobile devices."

JVC compares the mobile development field to the early days of PC gaming:

"it's a smaller team, less of a giant budget and there's a lot more chance to iterate, there's a lot more chance to be creative. And that's why I view this as such an exciting time for game design and development. It's not a 200-person, four-year endeavour to build a product."

There aren't any details about the games this new studio is working on. But feel free to make some predictions!
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As promised, here is a video of my screen as I started up the closed beta. In the top left corner, you can see the FPS numbers. I will make more videos and I am taking requests: what do you want to see? Ask your questions and participate in the discussion here.

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So, let's try again.

As you can see here, the beta of Heroes VII opens tomorrow:
Might & Magic Heroes VII's Closed Beta will be available tomorrow (June 3rd) at 2pm CEST and will last until Wednesday 17th 2pm CEST!

For those of you who are playing it, I would like to invite you to this forum topic where you can post your impressions.
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The saga continues!

Well, not really. But on my Youtube channel, you can now find this, the second gameplay video. Short this time, focusing on graphics. What I'm doing is play around with the graphics settings so you can see how the framerate behaves and how the graphics of the game changes with the alternate settings.

In my opinion, the effects seem good and don't change a whole lot when you turn the settings down a notch or two, but there are a couple of buttons you can push if the game is too resource demanding - while not taking away the good graphical experience.

Give your impressions of the beta and ask questions here
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Dear Heroes,

After weeks of advises, Dev Team give some news about next Tales for Heroes VII. It seems players want more information about Naga and the Lotus Empire, The Griffin family, and Sandro, the famous Necromancer.

We now have to wait more income from the Spy Master :)

See more on Heroes VII Dev Blog.
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Dear Heroes,

Some days ago, dev's team shows to the community bios and portrait of stronghold's hall of Heroes.
Some of them are present in the campaign, and all will be available in skirmish or multiplayer maps.
You can discover or rediscover them: Yog, Ishi, Drakon and Anga.

See more on Heroes VII Dev Blog.

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