Dear Heroes,

A new kind of vote was integrated on the Heroes VII Dev Blog, all players can choose between two different Sulvan Townscreen:
The first townscreen represent the forest sanctum, a majestic temple dedicated to the Earth Goddess.
The second one is Tree Island, a gigantic city built directly into a tree.

You have still 2 days to vote and influence the final result on Heroes VII Dev Blog.

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Hello Heroes,

Every month, Might & Magic's team reveal some new screenshots about Heroes VII, maps, units...etc... Some days ago players discovered two new exclusive screenshots.
People can examine two screenshots, obtain from the Haven campaign map. Some graphic aspect are quite useful to imagine the final result of the game.

See more information and those two screenshots on Heroes VII Dev Blog

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Hello Heroes,

ONE DAY LEFT before the end of Sylvan Townscreen's vote 2. Might & Magic's team and given the chance to choose between two different ambiance for the townscreen.
Players can choose between The Harmony of the Moonlight or The Dance of a New Dawn, two very different moments of an Ashan's day.
Be quick, you have only 1 day to influence the final vote.

Dear Shadow Council members,

The first part of the Sylvan Townscreen vote has ended and you have chosen The Tree Island setting for the Sylvan cities! Now we will be focusing on the lighting and the ambiance of this Townscreen.

/!\ Townscreens are a really important feature so please keep in mind that this vote will help us to define general direction of them but we will have to comply with all gameplay elements so final results might differ from the following concepts that aren't related to Heroes 7 in any ways.

See more on Heroes VII Dev Blog

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Our good friends over at Good Old Games are having a fall sale, with lots of discounts and good offers on their DRM-free stock of downloadable games.

In case you don't know what GOG is (if you've been living in a cave or whatever), it's an online store where you can download games; they have removed any and all forms of DRM/copy protection and made the old games possible to play on modern computers, via in-built emulators. It's completely legal, so don't worry about that either. Anyway, they have lots of old games, as well as quite a few not-so-old ones. So what's this fall sale about, then? Well, let's take a quick look at what's on offer:

The HoMM series bundle (HoMM 1-5) is at -75% for 17 more hours, that's 5 games for $14.95.
Deponia 1-3 is on a similar -75% spot sale, at $8.97. Move fast and you can get 'em.

In addition to 1-day offers like these, there are "flash sales" lasting only 40 minutes. Check in regularly if you want to keep an eye on interesting deals.

I'm also seeing lots of goodies at -50%: Baldur's Gate, Mount & Blade, Neverwinter nights, Icewind dale, The longest journey, Star Wars, Jade empire, Dungeons & Dragons ... so much good stuff!
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This year, Celestial Heavens are launching contests for you. There will be prizes. Good prizes. M&M related prizes.

If you want to participate, stay tuned for the next few weeks.
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Dear Heroes,

New artworks were published on the Heroes VII Dev Blog to present the entire Wizard's Army. Those information concern Elite Units and Champion Units. Players are glad to see again some famous units that describe perfectly Wizard faction.

1. Djinn
2. Djin Channeler
4.Rakshasa Raja
5. Apprentice
6. Disciple

Concerning Champion units, the most popular are certainly Titan, and will be quite hard to defeat on battle.
1. Arcane Eagle
2. Simurgh
3. Colossus
4. Titan

Find more about this army on Heroes VII Devblog.

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Dear Heroes,

Spy Master has discovered new secrets about The future units of Heroes VII, and it concerned Wizards' Army.
The main "core" troops are presented with some new artworks on the Heroes VII Devblog, and all players can discover 6 new units:
1. Cabir
2. Cabir Master
3. Gargoyle
4. Obsidian Gargoyle
5. Golem
6. Sandstone Golem.

Find more about this army on Heroes VII Devblog.

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Hey, guess what day it is tomorrow! That's right, it's that annual bonanza when shops has their biggest earner, a day that in itself has turned into a special sales day.

Amazon are holding sales on everything from computers and computer games to jewellery, so you should stop by there to do some online shopping, in case you need some Christmas presents, or just stumble upon a good deal on something you want. In addition to current you can also view upcoming deals, which is a good thing in case you're looking for a game or something; it means you can check now and not bother re-checking for deals constantly.
There are also sales on Gamestop, Green Man Gaming and I'm sure lots of other places. Check out the madness!
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We are currently having some issues with our forum; it seems that users using Internet Explorer are getting an error message going something like this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: str_split() in /home/celestia/public_html/forums/index.php(1) : regexp code(1) : eval()'d code(1) : regexp code on line 1

We have no solution as yet, but we're looking into it. For now, at least Firefox works normally.

Update: It seems to be working again now.
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