cq new icoThis is that sort of patch, which is larger. So much, that it changes the game in several aspects and create a new flow, or balance, if you wish. With which effects, till this date, is still being discussed.


The patch 1.4, released five days ago, brought fixes, new "Kingdom Mode" and "Dungeon Challenge". See the full change log and videos on CQ news page. Let see a features excerpt:



  • Dot fusion is now possible, to upgrade your existing awakened creature to 4d you need 4d dupe and a heap of diamonds. It begins on 125 and continues to 350 and probably over. - Good option, although costy. In many cases just farming a new creature could be more viable. But for the rest, this is a life saver!
  • If you were bored there are now three new Quests and it was added Emperor Difficulty.


Kingdom mode

  • More resources were introduced and you get them like regular rewards now. But you can mine them or study scrolls in your Kingdom to receive a steady flow. Nice tips from Avonu are to be read here. There are also bonus buildings for you creatures available.

cq kingdom

DC 2.0

  • Instead of one dungeon, preferrabely with 5 waves, you have now five with 3 waves in Gold Tier and just three in Silver. By filling all of them you are getting bonuses, with last two being Boss wave stun and silence immunity.
  • From what I see in my stats, both defense and offense, players are trying to get comfortable in the new setup but quite many are not yet here. Everybody is farming. smile teeth
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There's news from our Hungarian friends; Master Vologya just told us about a concert that's coming up in Wroclaw, Poland in October. Paul Romero will play along with an orchestra, giving fans of good music from the HoMM series live in show. So if you're in the area, why not check it out?


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Creature Quest - Question & Answers - Round 1

cq minilogo

We were curious about Creature Quest game and together with your questions sent them to Creature Quest Team and now we are proud to present them to you. From the seat on the other place is answering Jon Van Caneghem. Thank you Jon!


fight naga

1. How many creatures were in the game, at the time of worldwide release? How many are available now? Did you set any hard limit, which no matter what will happen in the future, is your acceptable top?

"We had over 500 at launch, and we’ve been trying to add 1-3 new Creatures each update."

2. In which countries do you see that Creature Quest is being the most popular? Can you share some top five, where is the strongest player base?

"The strongest playerbase is currently in the U.S., but we have amazing players from countries across the world.  Our strongest regions are the U.S., Germany, and Russia at the moment."

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When we were on holidays, Ironfist Team wasn't and they released a new version of their 'Cyber Mod'. Let see what they brought on the table this time:

Download from the page
Supported OS: WinXP/Vista/7/8 & see the fix for Windows 10 here.

PM Moment11 1024x726

"Subdued and controlled by magical means, the Cyber Behemoths are Cyclopes that have been augmented with cranial implants and cybernetic attachments. With their plasma cannon on their back and their jump powered by rocket boots, the Cyber Behemoths form the ultimate menace in the Cyborg army."
  • New map: "Behemoth Path" - see how one Cyber Behemoth, commanded by a lone knight with some strategic maneuvering, can take on overwhelming armies, and reclaim your family heirloom from the dragon hoard.
  • Opera vocals are back - we are pleased to announce that Ironfist now has full support for CD music, and will work out of the box with CD music when installed on top of the version.
  • Improved Map Editor - New Undo, supporting many steps back, not just one like in the original.

    We’ve also implemented a major overhaul of the scripting system. Adding your own abilities and quests is easier than ever thanks to new features such as callbacks, modules, and deep binding. Details of the overhaul are given here, and examples are given in the introduction to scripting

  • And More - Better stability, shorter loading times & scripts support in the map editor. See the full list in the release notes.


"Although individually weak, Kobolds make an attractive addition to any army because of their loyalty and sheer speed of breeding. The Cyber Kobolds have been enhanced, with half of their cranium changed to metal and armor fused to their chest. Their strength has been enhanced, and tests show that, with a thrust of their spear, they can easily pierce a plate of steel. Within the hilt of their spear lies an energy source, which gives their spear a lightning that can strike two enemies in a row."

The Cyber Kobold Spearman. Coming soon to a Cyborg army near you!
Kobold Portrait

Team Openings

Ironfist is recruiting a new programmer. Do you want to turn your C++ skills into new features for one of the best PC strategy games ever? This role may be for you.

We are also looking for players willing to volunteer as testers for our new maps.

Contact homm2ironfist(at) if interested in either position.


For original announcement see "Project Ironfist discussion thread"

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A long awaited update 1.3.20 is here, if you feel that game is now faster - it's not a quirky dream, some animations for transition screens were shortened. There are many balance changes and  tweaks, see it outlined below:


  •  Shows 5 opponets to attack
  •  Better match-making, the same opponents should not cyclically return


  •  Long press the creature's icon (or fav within) to see where is used


  • Mythic Idols now guarantee a 3 or 4 Dot Epic or Legendary Creature


  •  You can now Quick Quest any map while in progress on a different Quest


There's also some ambiguous news, Essences are now color specific. This just delay bosses awakening but doesn't cut it nicely.



If you are about something wait, Kingdom mode should be behind the corner. Still no hints what it will be.

Please, update the game from the Store/Play.


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Ubisoft's Might & Magic Showdown was shutdown. The last date when the servers will be accessible will be at July 31. The game was removed from the shop two days ago.

mm showdown


"The game will remain in your Steam Library, but server support will end on July 31, 2017 and the game itself will become inoperable. In an effort to ensure that we abide by our players’ expectations of the Early Access model, we will be offering full refunds to players who feel they are owed them until July 31, 2017."

~Thank you Heroes. The Might & Magic SHOWDOWN team

The game was struggling for audience and for a few last days, there was almost no one in the lobby.

Previously the game received several patches, new Citadel, Hack Crag and Sandro mini campaigns. For most audience it was sensed like a beautiful miniatures painting tool - which could keep you busy for a hours. But the online part was not so well appreciated, the idea of scripting your hero and building him up through multitude of battles seems unfinished.

However I must applaud them for a courage, to try somethign new. And if I might add, if they would focus more on connecting the online part, we might have a perfect game to relax a while. The mix of painting and battling, just didn't blend well at this moment.

source: Steam

Thanks for alerting us goes to Avonu and JSE.

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The last two instalments of Matt Chat, a series of interviews with professional game designers and developers, features Tim Lang, a former game designer at New World Computing. Tim is a friendly and outspoken fellow who has stayed in touch with various members of the community over the years.

Part one of the interview is about Brrapp Games, Tim's company, and his early days in the gaming industry.

Part two covers Tim's time at New World Computing, including his work on Might and Magic IX.

If you like to travel back in time, we had an interview of our own with Tim Lang 13 years ago. Back then, Ubisoft had just acquired the rights to the Might and Magic license and we were speculating about Ubi's ability to deliver great Heroes games.
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newshornWe are opening Creature Quest forum. If you wish to discuss the game or you are curious ask your questions here.

You can find all info about the game in Galaad's Pocket Battle Guide or in Game Summary. There's also a News thread.


This is a mobile game, put your screenshots to  screenshots thread or just sneak in. More ingame screens are in this article, just click on title or "read more" button and run the slideshow.


The game is pretty fun and nobody know, how many creatures are (and will be) in! smile teeth


By the way, the music is from Rob King & Paul Romero. Lightly reminiscing Heroes IV. to me. Soundtrack is not free, see the link in Game Summary thread.


mommy magic

 Click on Sphinx to see our gallery!

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Thundermaps site was updated with two new multiplayer maps. All are team based XL-maps with underground. Especially Thundermaps has been blast to play with friend.


Mixture of Races Mixture_ug

Map Name: Mixture of Races
Author: Humakt
Size: XL
Version: H3:SoD/Complete
Multiplayer: Yes
Underground: Yes
Teams: 4
Players AI/Human: 8/8
Special Victory Condition: None
Special Loss Condition: None

Strange alliances have formed across the land but a turmoil is at hand. You and your ally must defeat the other players.

Thundermaps Thundermaps_ug

Map Name: Thundermaps
Author: Humakt
Size: XL
Version: H3:SoD/Complete
Multiplayer: Yes
Underground: Yes
Teams: 4
Players AI/Human: 8/8
Special Victory Condition: None
Special Loss Condition: None

Emerge into the gauntlet of the ages and conquer the thundermaps.

Tunnels Of Zaan TunnelsOfZaan_ug

Map Name:Tunnels of Zaan
Author: Humakt
Size: XL
Version: H3:SoD/Complete
Multiplayer: Yes
Underground: Yes
Teams: 4
Players AI/Human: 8/8
Special Victory Condition: None
Special Loss Condition: None

Ages ago Overlord Zaan built mysteroius tunnels which connected this world to others.

Now Overlord Zaan is gone and it is time to venture to the tunnels and conquer the worlds.

Gauntlet Of Spheres Gauntlet Of Spheres Underground

Map Name:Gauntlet of Spheres
Author: Humakt
Size: XL
Version: H3:SoD/Complete
Multiplayer: Yes
Underground: Yes
Teams: 4
Players AI/Human: 4/4
Special Victory Condition: None
Special Loss Condition: None

 You and your ally must conquer this gauntlet.

PS We are preparing list of all maps being uploaded from "Jul 17 2015" to presence.


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