Master of Sighiosara team proudly presents new Ultimate Pack. Including one scenario never released before: "A Quest For No Mortal", which is set in first draft of Sighisoara world.

And as well new Havery's story written by Hero of Punk, other goodies are high-res images from all maps and wallpaper. Of course, there are also all campaigns and scenarios previously released. See full list here.

Peak in the story on the following lines..


Havery and the Dragon Scale Armor

The ocean breeze swept Havery's hair behind his shoulders, a mist of salt water droplets cascade over his face. His brittle armor's by now barely kept together by some knotted leather. Though it once had a proud iron coating, its current state saw it snagged at the joints due to thick layer of rust. The sound of iron clasping together reminded him of his childhood. Growing up in Dragonia, being born the son of a Dragonslayer was not easy. His father had become ill shortly after being granted access into the utopia of Dragon Slayers, making it hard to provide his family with steady income.


Continue the reading here.

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The previous weeks were in sign of Black Friday and we are just continue strictly toward the Christmas. This means in general lots of discounts and people getting presents but lower activity from ' mod/game makers'.


VCMI - Mod Design Team

One of major VCMI features is, that is moddable. The full list of mods in all states of completeness is available here. Recently there were some pretty drafts from Mod Design Team. These were Sirena, Werewolf and Oasis, see the pics below. 


Mod Design Team - SirenaWerewolfMode Desing Team - Oasis


Heroes 7 - The Umbramancer Mod

is getting a major feature, that's being Atmos - The Weather System, with simple logic that if there is some weather before the battle, sure it will continue in the battle. Another positive effect is that it will probably shorter time of battles, as effects are intensified with each round. The short table to sum it up is available here.

To my knowledge there's not a public vesion yet, so all of the planned features are demonstrated in youtube videos.


Heroes 7 - Balance Mod

Second and more profound attempt to deliver fan made patch after patch 2.2.1, the balance mod can be found here. This is in russian and english, also you can grab czech translation here.



There's a silence regarding future of Might&Magic brand. However they expressed their meaning about free content and suprisingly they are all for it. Just for some games, they started it up. The whole article is available at  So next time, we may receive bonus maps and artifacts for free, same for everyone? Time returns on the beginning, new cycle begun. What was normal before, just again is. Marked as a new concept.

We may guess that attempts from Vivendi to hostile takeover of Ubisoft continue, as more and more defensive articles from Ubisoft continue to appear. Basically pointing out that if Vivendi would be in charge, the Ubisoft will become dumbed company. What to say, they are likely right. See this one for example.

Fearsome, we in M&M games don't have such monsters as "PR manager, Chairman or Stockholder", perhaps they should be added to the completely new House of Politics, with town screen of nice French Chateau. Or just as a dwelling, if you win them over! anime


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Balrog WGH2: Project Ironfist got a new coat and you can admire it on pages. The pages are not complete at this stage but all basic stuff has been already put in place. Sure that there are few more pics of "Big Balrog With Gun". Seeing cards, it's not certain what will be final name for this mighty cyber beast, it looks like that one of possible names with which it could ends, could be simply BB with Gun.

Ubisoft is playing Hide & Seek of Might & Magic, during last two weeks, some of official pages disapperead, re-appeared, moved or end in error, to pop up again later. Official pages been, has been not, get Cabir error and then returned today. Similarly was and is gone, seemingly forever. However the shop and forums remains untouched.

Whereas this is good, bad or meaning something we cannot judge. Although if you like conspirational teories it may be connected with question, which Kalah asked some time ago and posted in previous article. But rather they just move the content to different servers, used for games out of development cycle. Truth is bland usually.


And as a last get ready for Black Friday, which is the next one!


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Before the end of October, I dispatched two questions to several Ubisoft PR representatives, hoping for an official statement:

  1. Since the development of the latest game in the franchise (Heroes VII) has now stopped, we are wondering: are there any plans for continuing the franchise with other games?
  2. There are rumours going around but no official statement has been released yet: can you confirm or deny that Erwan le Breton's team has been disbanded?

Can you guess whether we got a clear message or an ambiguous reply? Well, after hearing back from them I sent a quick follow-up, but haven't heard anything more and I think three weeks is enough time to wait. Here is the official reply:

"After more than four years of collaboration on Might and Magic projects, Ubisoft's partnership with Limbic Entertainment has come to an end. As a result, no further updates are planned for these projects or the related websites. Ubisoft wants to thank both Limbic and the community for their support and dedication over the past four years."

As you can see, the answer says that nothing new is planned, but it doesn't specifically say that there will be nothing more of the M&M franchise - which is what I'd like to know. It just says that there are no plans (not that there never will be any) and that Limbic are no longer connected with it. I guess it doesn't sound good, but we can't say anything definitive.

In case you're wondering about the second question, I did get a reply from a different PR rep but I'm not sure she realized the irony: she said she was going to forward my questions to the Might & Magic team. If the team has been disbanded, I wonder who she thinks is checking the e-mails?

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New version of VCMI mod was released. They are coming closer and closer to "final release", now just a tiny step before, with version 0.99. See full annoucenment on

If you like HoMM3 you shouldn't miss an oportunity to try this out.


Humble Bundle is still running a bundle with remastered Grim Fandago & Day of the Tentacle. You may decide if you join 99807 people, who already have it.

Whereas Ubisoft is giving for free Beyond Good & Evil, in its 30yrs anniversary club.


Several new maps were submitted to our forums, for H3:HoTA and H5. You can find them here. And guys from Master of Sighisoara Team also pushed up a third sequel and are preparing for more. applause


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Duel of ChampionsThe M&M DoC team have announced that on October 31., Duel of Champions will close down. After this date, both the game itself, the website and its official social media channels will no longer be accessible. The announcement also warns that you will have to convert all your remaining resources before the closing date, otherwise these will be lost after the shutdown.




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As we still haven't been able to get a proper map section up and running, we're entering manual mode. I've been frustrated over this but then I remembered: we have a forum, let's use it. Maps can still be uploaded and downloaded to and from our servers, it's just the actual map section pages that don't work. So, when you want to submit a map for testing or distribution, use the e-mail: maps(a) As soon as we have it uploaded, a post can be made in our forum's mapmaking guild. There, we can create dedicated topics to each map, for discussion and feedback or just matchmaking.

A new map is already out for testing - a Heroes V TotE map which you can find and discuss here.

Alternative solution for maptesting, if you want to do the whole thing yourself (it's faster), is to upload the map somewhere online, and then create a forum post in the mapmaking guild yourself. Just enter a link to where the file can be found, your contact information and whatever else you want to say.
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Creature Quest headGamesBeat did a really nice interview with JVC some days back, about the new Creature Quest game and some other stuff.


Read the whole thing here.

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For those of you who are interested in reading the actual scripts of Heroes campaigns, here is a bit of a snack for you.

Thanks to Karmakeld for the tip.

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