I'm pleased to announce that I'm working on a new OBJECT PACKAGE for H4.

Thanks to H4 editing program ResHelper made by Namerutan, as well as modding breakthrough on fellow fansite, heroescommunity, it is no longer limited to members of the Equilibris to add new objects to Heroes 4.
With the help of fellow modder Radmutant69, I'm planning on adding a large number of new objects. (Radmutant69 is kindly helping me import alot of the mirrored animations as H4 objects, as well as mirroring entrances and fixing flag positions).

A prioritized wishlist were posted here 4(!) years ago, and we're working our way through that as a start.

  • 1st Creature Dwellings - In general I decided not to mirror south facing object.
  • 2nd Quest Huts. 
  • 3rd All One-Way portal entrances and exits.
  • 4th All Two-Way portal entrances and exits.
  • 5th Miscellanious (Magi Windows, Tavern, Blacksmith, Sanctuary, Hexis' Garrison).
  • 6th Treasure buildings/creature banks.
  • 7th Power Up's (EXCEPT moral/luck boosters, alters and stat gems).
  • 8th Ship Wrecks, Derelict Ship, Gargoyle columns edit:(demonic trees).

mirrored objects

Now I don't have exact number but I estimate we're aboutt 60% through the list above, and that also includes/will include several non-portal Movement Modifiers like the Lighthouse, Stables, Tunnels etc., Structures and a few more.

Equilibris v.3.55 introduced a number of new objects based on Combat Objects and I intend on adding a lot of those as well. This means we'll have many more landscaping objects like Trees, Logs, Rocks, Flowers, Shrub, Mushrooms, Structures etc.

Among the more exciting new objects, there will be Staglagmites, Crates, Sacks, Ropes, Dead Creatures, Fog and Light. The list of new landscaping objects will include a couple hundred new objects (and even then I've still left out quite a lot).

Equilibris v.3.55 also included Creature Quest Huts, which essentially are Quest Huts with the looks of creatures. While this is still uncharted territory for me, I believe we can add those as well, IF fans request it.
We can even mod existing objects e.g. like turning the Tree of Knowledge into a Quest Hut.

I hope to finish and release this during 2018, but I would like to hear what the fans and map makers w

Could consider as useful/interesting objects.

  • Is Creature Quest Huts an unnessecary object or would it be interesting for (RPG) map making?
  • Would Weather Effects like Fog, Sandstorm, Rain, Snowfall etc. be something fans would like to see?

Also it would be great if anyone would offer to help with this or has objects of their own to share.
You can assist me in the following ways:
  • Photoediting - preparing images for import - in most cases this is simply rescaling or deleting unneccesary images, but it would lift my work load. 
  • Hex editing - help me transform new images into objects (you really don't need experience with hex editing - a year ago I'd never done any hex editing before, and if I can learn it, then I can teach you as well - it's really not hard).
  • Artists - I'm not much of an artist or animator myself and if we want objects like Weather Effects, it would be great if anyone could create such images/animations.