There seems to be some resentment with current HoTA release 1.5.3 - as they removed some of random elements from the game. Which can be cool for MP but evidently it's upsetting for SP. This is, they changed Resistance. And it can now even prevent enemy hero from summoning.  You can find the release here, compared to HoTA 1.5.2 this is a mainly bug fix release. Horn of the Abyss is Heroes III. fan AddOn.

Elemental Guardians - mobile game from Ubisoft, entered offical Beta testing phase. Anyone can register. Official release date is at May 31. It was a year ago when we first informed about it, so it undertake a long journey in the shadow of public eyes, the game is available for both platforms. Check all the latest news on their twitter.

Maybe that there is Kings Bounty II. on the horizont, 1C Company announced 4 new titles to be revealed on PAX EAST 2018, which runs April 5-8. PAX twitter again.

Ubisoft joined forces with Tencent and fend off the hostile take over by Vivendi. Tencent, that is China. A big player here. Official press release from Ubi follows here

We have a new contributor Karmakeld, welcome him aboard! Three times hooray!!! Or four, as he's Heroes IV map maker. :D