In following days we will be moving from the combined mode, when both type of connections work simultaneously — which we have for some time — to https only. To ensure that every login will be and stay encrypted. That will be covered by simple DV certificate. This also comply with current Google & Firefox politics, which dictate that insecure login is no, no.


Content Updates

There was some progress at that field, around fifty percent of Heroes V section is now checked and fixed, exactly up to Heroes V - all articles section. We also added back Special Features menu and fixed our evergreen Map Making tricks. There's also a small advancement in other sections from Heroes III. - Heroes VII. With plans to add new content in last two.


Adventures of Gundula - polish mini map-mod

This comes with nice use of Fred's object patch, making lushy vegetations and rich sceneries. If you like Heroes III., map making and eye candy sceneries, I recommend to check both links! wink