TQDigital's Plans for Heroes Online

Heroes of Might and Magic Online (a.k.a. Heroes Online) is a MMORPG-style game to be released in China in late 2005. It should not be confused with Heroes of Might and Magic V, a strategy game being developed in France by Ubisoft.

The Big Picture: According to some early posts by TQDigital developers, the game will be played on three levels:

  • a global, randomly generated level, where players move and interact like in a typical MMORPG (realtime);
  • a strategic level, similar to a traditional Heroes III map, where players move their heroes within a certain amount of time. The heroes can travel a specific distance based on their logistics (half-turn-based);
  • a combat level, again similar to what can be found in Heroes III (turn-based?).

Preliminary Artwork: During the last couple of months, several sketeches were posted in public forums.