Great News for Heroes IV!

This mod allows you to play Heroes of Might & Magic IV on 16:9, 16:10 screens. It is built on HoMM IV GL Wrapper, package is already included.. (If you wish to follow GL Wrappers, you  can do that directly in Verokster's GIT)

Supported are: HoMM IV: v3.0, The Gathering Storm v3.0, Winds of War v3.0, Complete (GOG)

Equilibris is not and you will need to wait for EquilibrisHD 3.6, which is still in development by Max.

"Playing in windowed mode on current monitors! ;)"

BTW the GL Wrappers are worthy of check, they do support from H2 to H4. That's good to know, even if we have H3HD mod, which is superior

How to use:
Press F4 to get to windowed mode. In top menu pick up:

"Mod" -> "Resolution Mod" -> "Aspect Ratio"


Restart the game, go to settings menu and select your resolution.

Aspect Ratio08 settings

Make a copy of your game folder outside of Program Files, extract the mod to the game root, launch the game.

Download, scroll to the end to get it.

02 campaings04 info05 adventure06 town07 combat

Thanks RamZes for the info!