Happy New Year!

Yesterday evening, some very exciting news started circling Might and Magic communities across the web. In addition to that, this was just posted on their Facebook page.

"Heroes III: Day of Reckoning
We hope you enjoyed the teaser video from the Day of Reckoning team.
We are a community made expansion for Heroes of Might and Magic III.
There will be more information coming out in the near future. Make sure to follow us to stay tuned.
Happy New Year
DoR Team"

Heroes of Might and Magic III: Day of Reckoning


Here is the YouTube teaser posted by the team.

"To celebrate the New Year with all Heroes fans, the Day of Reckoning project alongside MDT would like to present you all the first trailer for a new fan expansion in the works for Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete.
Happy New Year!"

'There is not a lot of information as of now. But the video show a new ice landscape, a Vori Castle, a new, frosty looking hammer (artifact?) and some new game mechanics.
Besides that, there seem to be buildings from the Forge faction. A new hero portrait and sprite for Gelu, a hero named Falagar and some interesting dialogue as well as new spells and designs.
We can also see the Day of Reckoning team adding creatures and creature banks from modifications like Grove.

Can you spot something that we missed? Share that, or your general impressions with us in the comments below.

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