Sancturay Faction in Action, courtesy of Heroes 7.5 Team smile teeth

Now, that's something what may take me back. Once it will be ready and if they will succeed to fix that damn AI. At least a bit. More about Heroes 7.5 here, including Discord channel. (Heroes 7.5 = Hades Mod)

And when we are talking about AI, Quantomas continue in his "light" introduction of creating AI for masses. Which is always useful, to read, if you are AI programmer.  The latest article is about "Advanced C++ Skills"

This is meant for Heroes V and it's already part of Legends of the Ancients. So you can play it within a blink of  eye.


Enjoy! If Ubisoft would start with Heroes VII, where they are modded by now, it would be completely different story. Sanctuary, was my favourite faction in Heroes VI.