Heroes VI Heroes

Here is the background story of the heroes of Might and Magic: Heroes VI.



Her lovely face perpetually illuminated by a radiant smile, Adelaide is a benevolent, caring woman who grew up in the mountains west of the Greyhound Duchy. As a child, she enjoyed climbing as high as possible to enjoy the view of the valley. One day, she ventured higher than usual and was caught in a snowstorm. The blizzard raged for three consecutive days, and her parents thought their treasured daughter was lost forever. But on the morning of the fourth day, as the sky was finally clearing, the Angel Eliora appeared, holding the girl in her arms. The Angel revealed that she had followed a beacon of light that seemed to radiate from within the storm, and had found Adelaide. To the celestial being, it was proof that the girl had been chosen by Elrath to become a Priestess of the Light


Agar sees himself as a scientist rather than a Wizard. One of his hobbies is the creation of all kinds of hybrid creatures, that usually go on a rampage and need to be destroyed by brave adventurers. Agar was shocked when his disciple, the Elf Telgoran, was beaten to death by an angry mob after creating beautiful monsters. Agar feels he could create a much more "enlightened" society if he could sit on VARN's throne.

Lady Eileen

Specialty: Sister Master (production of Sisters and Vestals is increased by 6 per week).

Lady Eileen first became famous for bringing identical triplets into the world. This miraculous blessing from Elrath was soon defiled as her three sons were captured by mercenaries seeking ransom, and held captive for seven years.
During this period where Emperor Liam himself offered a tremendous reward for the children's return, Eileen turned to Elrath for guidance and became an extremely devout priestess. Upon the return of her children and the beheading of their captors, her sons were far from the gentle angels that she had once known and were sent to the schools of the inquisitors for a desperate reeducation.
Eileen continues to see them regularly, but she relies more on prayers to Elrath and the education of the Church for their upbringing than her personal attention. Eileen's secret rage at the turn of fate in her life, has given her an extremely pragmatic if not expediant sense of justice.

Lord Haart

Specialty: Natural Born Leader (starts with +4 Leadership).

A protegee of the House of Stag, Lord Haart showed his mettle from a young age, fighting as Lord Kieran's squire during the Elven Wars when he was only thirteen winters old.
After Lord Kieran's mysterious disappearance, Lord Haart dedicated himself even more fully to the ways of the sword, becoming the youngest knight to ever walk the entire Duchy. Not to mention one of the bravest...


Maximus is indubitably the most unusual Knight of the Holy Empire. His grandfather, an Orc slavemaster serving the Holy Empire, refused to follow Kunyak during the Orc Crusades. The great liberator respected his choice - sparing his life, but breaking his legs. Due to his family's poor reputation among the Orcs, Maximus knew he could never hope to join his people in the steppes or the islands, so he decided to make himself a place in the Empire instead - first as a servant, then as a squire to an old, wise knight who recognized his talents. The turning point in his life came at the great tournament of Falcon's Reach. The Emperor had promised knighthood and lands to the winner. Maximus defeated all his opponents, his popularity magnified with each successful match. By the contest's end, he was acclaimed as "the greatest", and the Emperor had little recourse but to grant the Orc the promised rewards. Maximus has served the Empire loyally ever since.


Ragnar Ironfist is as merciless as his name implies. His father ruthlessly assassinated his own brother, and Ragnar would do just the same without thinking twice - if he had a brother. Instead, Ragnar's cousin Morglin tried to strike first by hiring the hedge-Wizard Guthbert to kill Ragnar. The attempt was effortlessly foiled, and Guthbert revealed the whole plot during the "questioning" that followed. Unfortunately, Morglin managed to flee the land before justice could be served. Even 25 years later, Ragnar feels uneasy knowing this conspirator is still out there somewhere.


Ranalou the Gatemaster is an expert of portals and teleportation, and has actually built many of the Spirit Gates that can be found on VARN. Driven by a strong sense of fair play, Ranalou is appalled to see how little concern his fellow VARNians seem to have for the rights and dignity of other living beings. After decades of dutiful service to the realm, Ranalou has decided his time has come to take arms to defend the values he believes in, and pave the way for a future ruled by fraternity and compassion.



Specialty: Master of Fire (the efficiency of Fire Magic spells is increased).

Don't confuse Deleb, a servant of the Overlord of Pain, Ur-Traggal, for a Succubus. She's not. And to prove it she'll gladly invite you to test out her latest mechanical contraption; a machine that's liable to flay or burn or sear your skin in a way never before imagined. Not without a smile, of course.
Being a Master of Fire Magic she could happily talk for hours about the difference between a burn and a scorch or a brand and a scald, but she'd much rather show you.


Jeddite was a powerful Wizard with an affinity for Fire Magic. His love for all things burning grew to become an obsession, to the point where the other Wizards began to think of him as dangerous. It wasn't long before Jeddite became a servant of Abaddon, the Demon Prince of Destruction. One day, while staring at the fire consuming his master's tower (with his master still inside it), Jeddite was beset by a vision of a Knight in fiery armour. This man presented himself as Kha-Beleth, the Prince without a throne, and said he had plans for the fallen Wizard.


Specialty: Cerberus Master (production of Hell Hounds and Cerberi is increased by 6 per week).

Once kennel master to Emperor Connor himself, Lorhish now plies his trade in the heart of Sheogh running a Cerberus kennel. A man of principle, this transformation in allegiance, if not vocation, came about when Lorhish refused a direct order from his emperor to hunt down some young Orcs who were stealing apples from his orchards. Dismissed from his post and facing grim prospects, Lorhish hit the ale hard until a mysterious beauty promised him a new life for a few details about an imperial hunt scheduled for the end of the month on a visit to the Greyhound Duchy. Lorhish accepted her offer, and the result was an attack on the hunting party that left half of the imperial court dead. Tortured for his involvement in the plot, Lorhish died from his wounds, but never revealed the identity of the woman - a fact that seemed to account for his resurrection under her command in Sheogh.


Foreknowledge of the true name of a Demon is necessary to summon it, and some Demons, weary of being forced to carry out the petty schemes of mediocre sorcerers, have taken up the habit of perpetual use of an alias. Nymus, which means "No Name", is the most widespread of these fake identities. Not very fond of violence herself, this Nymus is best known in Sheogh as a master trainer, having earned the begrudging respect of even the most battle-hardened Pit Lords, who've discovered they can still learn a trick or two from this Succubus. Nymus also possesses a great sense of honour, always repaying her debts, which has given credence to the theory that she may have lived in the Lotus Empire in her former life.



Luna was born in the forests of Irollan during a full moon, and it is said that the baby seemed to stare at the great cocoon with her eyes wide open, prompting her parents to name her in honour of the celestial body. Some say her unusual destiny was written that night, as a result of this very act. Naturally attuned to the mystical forces inhabiting the world, Luna was trained to become a Druid. But the young Elf could not find Harmony - to the other Druids, she seemed restless, unpredictable, unreliable. She finally discovered peace in the most unexpected of means - by drinking the venom of the Mother Namtaru and embracing Undeath.


One would say Moander is a survivor - if he wasn't technically dead. A respected and charismatic general in the Bull Duchy, he was bored by the countless political intrigues of peacetime. Maybe that's why he let his guard down, allowing a rival to poison him with deadly Manticore venom. Discovering he would die in a matter of hours, Moander quickly devised a desperate plan to cheat death. He managed to obtain a vial of Namtaru venom, the substance imbibed by Necromancers to become immortal Vampires, from the black market of Vradek's Crossing, which he drank without thinking twice. The mixture of the two venoms had a devastating effect on his body, searing his skin and withering his flesh. Transformed into an Undead, he now looked like a raggedy corpse, a walking skeleton; at least, though, he was "alive", and had his revenge on his murderer. Moander then fled the Empire to join the ranks of the Necromancers, where his skills as a general made him as popular as he was during his lifetime.


Specialty: Agony Master (starts with the Agony ability, with efficiency bonus).

Scatha left the kingdom of Tuidhana at the age of twenty-four to study the way of the sword in the Seven Cities at the invitation of the Mageblade Deras Ban, one of the greatest weapon masters in Ashan. She was a brilliant student and studied up until the time her queen was attacked by the Holy Falcon Empire. Deras Ban, extremely fond of his prize student, sent her into hiding in his native city, Al-Betyl, fearing that the High Mages of the Seven Cities would side with Emperor Liam, and that she would be imprisoned as a sign of good faith.
While hiding in a luxurious cellar in Al-Betyl, Scatha became aquainted with the cult of the Spider Goddess. There is a great deal of mystery around her conversion, but she is devout and trusted by both the Mother Namtaru and the Necromancer Sveltana.

Sir Jaywoods

Specialty: Enlightened (starts with the Enlightenment ability, with efficiency bonus).

Sir Jaywoods, formerly a knight of the Unicorn Duchy, would tell you that he chose to become a vampire because there's more life in a half-dozen ghosts than a hundred living, breathing townsfolk, and the truth of the matter is not far off.
Sir Jaywoods is obsessed with the future, a fascination that was sparked by his father's passion for history. He wants to know who will rule Ashan in five hundred years, what the constant discoveries of arcane magic might bring, and whether there will always be space for chivalrous men such as himself.
Becoming an immortal vampire was one way to find out. He wagers that life will remain cruel and bloodied whatever the age, but he's happy to hunt Demons while he waits to find out.



Atlas was born and raised on the island of Hashima, in one of the many Human villages belonging to the Lotus Empire. His impressive size earned him the nickname of “mountain”. Atlas was prepared to live a peaceful life as the town's carpenter, until one fateful day, when the Daimyo Hitokage stopped in the village. During the festivities held in honour of the Snake-Lord, Atlas defeated the Daimyo's personal champion in a contest of hand-to-hand combat. Hitokage was amused and impressed by the natural talents displayed by Atlas, and offered to take the Human with him to train him in the art of combat. While he has regularly impressed the Nagas with his skills on the battlefield or the wrestler ring, Atlas equally gained their respect for his craftsmanship as a master-builder, sculptor and artisan.


Specialty: Blade Master (increases the effectiveness of Heroic Strikes).

Once a vassal of Lord Okane, Changbo refused to swear allegiance to his new daimyo, Hiroshi. That day he became two men. Pirate and brigand to those within earshot of the daimyo's soldiers. Hero and defender to those same folk when speaking with hushed voices in private. A ronin who puts his strict moral code above all other considerations, Changbo can easily give up wealth, power, or status in his quest to protect the weak from the whims of the strong.


Calling herself a princess, Kalindra boasts that she can trace her ancestry back to the lost Shantiri civilization. But then again, so too can most of the denizens of southern Ashan in one way or another. Her golden skin and ebony hair, not to mention her taste in luxurious clothes and jewels, have rendered her quite the attraction in the courts of the lords of the Free Cities. Against all odds, it was her extravagant way of life that brought her to the attention of a priestess of Shalassa, who instantly understood that this noble-blooded lady was in fact marked by the Dragon Goddess of Water. It tested the venerable snake-lady's untold patience to convince Kalindra to come to the temple and become a disciple, but she eventually succeeded. In truth, the young woman had finally grown tired of the vanity of her life and felt ready at last to start a new life of asceticism.


Specialty: Explorer (+2 Movement on land and sea)

Born into a community of free pirates, Tsuan was given command of her own vessel at a very young age, and she amassed quite a bit of booty robbing merchant vessels from the Seven Cities on their way to the Jade Ocean.
Her destiny took an eventful turn when her ship was eaten by a giant sea monster and she awoke 1000 leagues below the ocean in the vast palace of a Naga daimyo. Tsuan was happy to be alive but realized quickly that she was a prisoner. After 5 years of captivity where she learned more than any human before her concerning the vast and rich complexities of Naga underwater culture, she was awarded her freedom and given an island by the daimyo that she could do with as she pleased.


Specialty: Spring Spirit Master (production of Spring Spirits and Mizu-Kamis is increased by 3 per week)

Yugen was trained to be a dancer in Nariya's imperial company, the Silk Waves. This all-human troop of over a hundred men and women performs twice a year when the Eternal Empress leaves her immense palace beneath the oceans to visit her island provinces above the waters.
The prestigious company was decimated by assassins for reasons that are still unkown. Yugen was one of only three survivors, and he became a priest of Shalassa to thank the Dragon Goddess of Water for his miraculous escape. The Eternal Empress still asks the surviving trio to perform for her once a year, and it is the only time Yugen still dances in public. It is said that his dance is so sad that even the dragon eels cry when he performs.



Specialty: Dreamwalker Master (production of Dreamwalkers and Dreamreavers is increased by 3 per week).

Trusted (if not religiously reveered) by the warriors of his tribe, Matewa is young in years and ancient in wisdom. This orc Shaman is said to have heard the angry voices of the ancestors in his first infant dreams. Matewa had completed his initiatory dreamwalk by the age of six and wears no twisted or mutated marks from the experience; save for a lightning-shaped scar that crosses his whole chest.
A brilliant orator and clever joker, Matewa pulls upon the wisdom of thousands of orc warriors and hundreds of shaman storytellers. He often jests that he'll be rid of their complaining the day the orcs rule all of Ashan.


Specialty: Master of Warcries (the efficiency of Warcries is increased).

Mokka was born a free orc in the eastern steppes of Ranaar and was a tremendous hunter, respected by orcs and centaurs. One day, a group of orc refugees from the Pao islands arrived in her village and recounted the tale of how they had been attacked and their children sold into slavery. Mokka was enraged by this ignomy and vowed to Father Sky that no orc would wear chains while she had breath in her lungs. She set out immediately with a small army for the south in search of her destiny. Mokka's motivated and courageous horde was ambushed by the duke of Wolf when she crossed the mountains, and all were either captured or killed. Sent to work in the mines, Mokka managed to escape in extravagant fashion. She killed seven guards with a pickaxe and rode away on the back of a centaur. Now a permanent resident of the Pao island, a rebel with a cause, she has become an inspiration for all Orcs with dreams of freedom.


Shiva grew up in the Free City of Stormcliff, but soon understood she was not meant for urban life. In the singing of the birds, in the murmur of the wind, in the growl of the thunderstorm, she could hear the call of Ylath. At twelve, she said her goodbyes (or rather left them on a piece of paper), packed her bags, stole into the caravan of a merchant, and started a life of adventure. She travelled all around Ashan with a group of fellow adventurers and accomplished many incredible exploits; raiding the Sunken Temple, finding the Dragon Utopia and surviving the deadly traps of the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors among them. Currently, Shiva resides in the Pao Islands with the Orcs, learning from their Shamans the secrets of the one they call Father Sky. Not one to sit still for a long period of time, she intends to go looking for the lost peak where the legendary Thunderbird dwells.


Tazar was only thirty-three days old when his parents, merchants from the Wolf Duchy, took the ship in Nilshaven to Strandholm. A terrible storm fell on the ship, and supernatural titanic waves crashed against the frail skiff, opening its hull as if it were a nutshell. His parents died swallowed by the waves, but Tazar survived. He was found on the beach of one of the Pao Islands by a female sabre-toothed Jaguar. Moved by some mysterious animal instinct, she gently took the baby in her maw and raised him as her own. Tazar's first contact with civilisation eventually occurred ten years onward, when a group of Naga poachers killed his "mother". Discovering her skin hanging in the middle of their hunting camp, the boy went berserk and attacked the three Nagas with hands, teeth and rocks. His screams of fury and despair brought forth the attention of some Orcs who had been surveying the interlopers. Amazed by the murderous rage contained within this small Human child, the Orcs came to his help and killed the Nagas. They knocked the feral boy out cold and brought him back to their village, where they patiently tamed him, teaching him the way of life of the Orcs. As the only Human to be considered a Jaguar Warrior to this day, Tazar wears the pelt of his "mother" as a reminder of his origins and as a warning to his enemies.

From the Danse Macabre DLC:


Corak is not known as "the Mysterious" for nothing: little is known about his past. He has travelled among the stars, through countless worlds, meeting their denizens and charting their lands. In truth, Corak is a Guardian, an advanced being created by the Ancients to oversee their Great Experiment. Corak's journey has one secret purpose: to track down the rogue Guardian Sheltem.

Lord Xeen

Lord Xeen is an Undead creature, summoned and controlled by Sheltem. Masquerading as Prince Roland, Lord Xeen infiltrated the court of King Burlock, slowly bringing the king and nobles under his spell. The only one who resisted "Roland" and guessed his real nature was Crodo, the court Wizard. As a result, Lord Xeen had Crodo locked up in Darzog Tower while he rules over the Light Side with complete impunity.


Sheltem is a Guardian, an android created by the mysterious Ancients to rule over the world of Terra. However, Sheltem started to resent the Ancients’ interference with his mission. Because of Sheltem’s erratic behaviour, he was taken into custody by another Guardian, Corak. Sheltem escaped and left a trail of deceit and destruction over several different worlds on his way back to Terra. Sheltem is ruthless and tyrannical, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, even if it means destroying whole planets.

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