2 days ago a teaser-puzzle was posted as Picture-Of-The-Day. The puzzle itself was not a very difficult one. You know that Heroes 4 supports 3 different resolutions: 800*600 px, 1024*768 px, and 1280*1024 px. These resolutions have display ratios of 4*3 and 5*4. Our screenshot is a ratio of 16*9, which is visibly longer. If you open the screenshot is separate window (just drag an image to the tab bar of your browser) you can see it's Full HD: 1920*1080. 

Yes, we are working on HD-mod for Heroes 4!

Settings Menu HD

Of course, it's not the final menu version. Of course we will add more resolutions. But what is important right now - it's finally working!

There are a lot of issues to resolve. Some of them have nothing to do with programming. 

This is our call for Artists. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are pictures: 

Main menu:

Main Menu HD

We need a proper main menu picture which will look good in different resolutions.

City Screen: 

City Screen HD

You can see that left and right sides of the screen are mirrored to make screen longer. This is just a patch, we need much better version. We need it drawn to make it look as organic as possible. Or, if you are ambitios enough, you can draw a completely new town screen and we can place all buildings where they need to be.

If you have a good idea what to put instead of our logo - plese share with us.




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