GOG summer sale logo

Good Old Games, as practicaly anyone else at these times, is having summer grand sale action. Which won't bring you happines for free but some game may be close. :D

Watch our thread or gog pages for free giweavays

Heroes III on sale! Back to our evergreen, there's nice image on twitter, what do you think about it?

h3 forever

Still the same game? I dare say no. Firstly my parents, duh, were not playing it, as the game wasn't even existing in that times. And when I started, we have been playing RoE for years, after that Armageddon - for which everyone sought because of improved Dragon Flies (with Dispel!) and now, you have so many choices, like HD Mod, HotA or ERA(3) or even Sucession Mod. Check our tags, to see the links.

So it's the same game?
No! Because of modding, it grows with us!