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General Tips
General Tips by arturchix
  • First and foremost, prepare – don’t start to play the game if you aren’t familiar with controls. Setup the best controls so that it’s comfortable for you to move, sprint, duck and also lock-on without loss of precious time. It might be a good idea to experiment with the controls to find the best setup.
  • How to win a map - in order to win a map, you need to decrease enemy tickets to zero. This can be done by either killing an enemy player or capturing flags. The more flags you’ll own, the faster your enemy will lose tickets. Killing an enemy also reduces their ticket amount by 1.
  • Learn the environment – before you are starting to play seriously, find out where are the flags in the particular map, what are the best routes to them, various shortcuts and hiding spots. Even if you don’t need a hiding spot, your enemy might need it, so be careful.
  • Think like your enemy. Early on find out what classes has your enemy, who are their best and worst players and learn their possible tactics. Always attack their weakest spot. The more tricks you’ll know about each class, the higher is the chance you will avoid these tricks to be performed on you.
  • Fast way to gain experience - try to capture as much flags as possible, especially in the very beginning of a map – first flag capture will advance you to level 3 immediately. If a teammate of yours made it faster in the flag circle, don’t wait – experience is awarded only to the one who stepped in first. So don’t waste your time and consider capturing another flag nearby. Very often this is a competition among teammates who’ll make first to the first flag.
  • Capturing a flag – in order to capture a flag, you need to stay yourself in the circle for about 10 seconds. If you are trying to capture enemy’s flag, you’ll have to neutralize it first which takes another 10 seconds and is NOT awarded with experience. While capturing the flag consider running in circles and jumping because an enemy player like archer might spawn just nearby and kill you when you’re least expecting it.
  • Don’t work alone. You’ll hardly have a success if you’ll be working alone. When you are looking for someone to kill, wait for your teammates and assist them or use them to distract enemies from you. Work as one team and consider using team radio to organize tactics.
  • Sneaking is always good – you don’t have to be assassin to sneak around. Find a good spot and wait for your chance, no matter what class are you. If your enemy won’t notice you and you are behind of him, aim for a direct good hit and don’t even let him to retaliate. If your team is in trouble and you appear to be guarding the last flag, sneak past your enemy deep into their base and capture their flag! It is very likely that nobody will be there so you can capture at least two flags and your team will have good chances again. Please note that your enemy might just do the same to you!
  • Select spawn point – if you get killed, in the map screen select the best spawn point. Sometimes your team might lose a spawn point where you usually respawn and next time you might respawn deep in your own base, which takes time to reach place where the action takes place.
  • Dodge ranged attacks – you can avoid a fireball or an arrow by running to the side. Ducking also works against archers, but obviously the timing is critical. Remember than many people aim for the head.
  • Instant kill – with any class consider working on instant kill skills. If you successfully perform one, your opponent won’t have a chance to retaliate and you won’t lose your HP.
Basic Tips by Breadblade
  • Stance attacks: In melee, there are two general types of attacks: normal attacks and stance (power) attacks. Normal attacks are executed by clicking with one in hand, stance attacks are done by holding down the mouse button while moving in a direction. Which direction you move in corresponds to the attack that comes out (there’s also one for standing still). Warriors use these most often, and assassins generally enter stance mode to prepare for a backstab.
  • Poison: Mentioned numerous times in the class section is Poison, a status effect that 3 of the 5 classes can use. It slowly decays at a character’s health for a period of time, and also blurs their vision. Higher leveled poison attacks can increase the vision blur effect. Poison can only be cured by a priest or by simply waiting it out.
  • Lock-on: This is a great aid to a beginning assassin or warrior. If you’re close to an opponent, look at them and tap alt, until they get a certain distance away or you disable the ability the opponent will remain at the center of your screen no matter where you are in respect to one another. The screen will go slightly letterbox to show that lock-on is active. Left and right movement keys will still move you left and right, but you will essentially be rotating around your target. Forward and back move you forward and back in respect to your target as well.

    Lock-on is useful for any melee situation, from ensuring someone gets properly slashed up in close quarters as a warrior or assassin, allowing two warriors to duke it out, or helping an assassin line up a backstab. However, once you are comfortable with a melee class you should wean yourself off of lock-on, since without it you have much more freedom of movement. Note that cloak breaks autolock when fighting an assassin.

  • Dodging arrows: When your character is close to an archer, if you can anticipate where they are going to fire, you should try ducking right then. If you’re lucky, the arrow(s) should go right over you, since most of the time the archer will be gunning for your upper body. Also, at long range, take advantage of arrows’ travel time: wait for them to fire and run to the side when they do and you’ll be a tough target.