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by Kalah
Dec 9 2005, 21:36
Forum: News
Topic: Hammer & Sickle Gets Hammered
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It seems Ubi has decided to take a calculated risk. Yes, the use of StarForce in Heroes 5 will probably cause the loss of some potential customers; the question is whether this loss will be compensated by the game's being copy protected. Ubi has obviously decided to take that chance.
by Kalah
Nov 27 2005, 22:24
Forum: Mapmaking Guild
Topic: The Mapmaking Guild F.A.Q.s
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The Mapmaking Guild F.A.Q.s

Answers for many of the questions people have about maps for their Heroes games. General I just made a map/campaign. How can I get it onto the Celestial Heavens site? - First of all, you need to make sure it's well-tested. We don't want low-quality crap ;) Also, your name and email address, map size...
by Kalah
Nov 27 2005, 22:06
Forum: Articles
Topic: Artifacts
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What about the WoW artefacts?

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