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by RommeL_666
May 27 2006, 17:08
Forum: Campfire
Topic: Girls playing heroes :)
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Ok, here's a picture of me all beamed up for an entire evening with heroes That is until midnight comes and I hit the local disco Are you having lunch on that picture or are you playing Heroes?Look at that,Pepsi,Toffife,Chips,little cigares,and who knows what more....) hmmmm still playing Heroes 4,...
by RommeL_666
May 18 2006, 11:38
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The Map of Ashan
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The Map of Ashan

nice,but i think that they should place more empires,not just this:x)

maybe in one part of the map,the dark lands by Necropolis and etc.:x)
Edited on Thu, May 18 2006, 05:38 by RommeL_666
by RommeL_666
May 18 2006, 11:24
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Register and Win a Bunny!
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idasdkjsadasdidjksndkj... I want that bunny too :D
by RommeL_666
May 14 2006, 15:58
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Heroes V Cheats
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uf eh huh Cheats=No fun,no drama when you enter an equal battle :D

Didn`t you see how AI is stupid in the demo,so you don`t even need cheats to finish the game :D
by RommeL_666
May 13 2006, 14:49
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Why there are no new things?
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yes it is totally true,grafic is BEAUTIFUL,but is this what we all wanted? I remember all the unsleped nights when I played Heroes 3,I enjoyed in playing it,even the story was nice:X) and I think the grafics is what I wanted that they fix,but I never wanted that they go to 3D,maybe they lost now the...
by RommeL_666
May 13 2006, 13:58
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Why there are no new things?
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Why there are no new things?

I have played all the Heroes games and I may say that the best was the heroes 3. Heroes 4 was a little stupid,because on the beggining you are to weak and when you get a little stronger,nobady can defeat you... Now I am playing this 5 part and in it i see Heroes 3,but thats is the problem,just when ...
by RommeL_666
May 12 2006, 12:36
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: The Demo thread
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I think the Death is to weak,and they moral (iniative) is to weak..or that`s only in the demo?
by RommeL_666
May 11 2006, 23:32
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Leak
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maybe we should think more about playing games,and fighting in the HOMM5 Arena,not here...:X)
by RommeL_666
May 11 2006, 23:21
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: That's Gotta Hurt
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That's Gotta Hurt

maybe he is BIG,but he can`t FLY....hehehe:x)
by RommeL_666
May 11 2006, 23:17
Forum: Articles
Topic: Spin the Skill Wheel
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Skill Wheel

hmm very nice,but it is more interesting to dicover this things in the game:x)

we already know to much about this game,that when it is goes relesed we won t enjoy in anything new:x)

the enjoy in every new game is to explore it by yourself:x)
by RommeL_666
May 11 2006, 23:12
Forum: Articles
Topic: Creature Abilities
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Creature Abilities

hello,don t you think that Familliar steals to many mana???like I can in a demo just one time cast a spell then I am finished with my hero.

and the Druid in the demo is tooooo strong:x)
just my opinion,,:x)..
by RommeL_666
May 11 2006, 23:09
Forum: Articles
Topic: Dungeon
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hmm is there going to be some creature like Wolf in the game,I just ant to know:x)

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