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by TheUnknown
Mar 26 2006, 0:24
Forum: Equilibris
Topic: Ideas for next mods
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Zombie mouth

I have an idea on zombies (yes they aren't very popular but). They can have an atack with acid (works the same like potion), on living enemies decreases armor and can be used to destroy dead stacks. I think its prety good boost for lvl1. Perhaps this can be added to other creatures and of course bal...
by TheUnknown
Mar 20 2006, 2:31
Forum: Equilibris
Topic: Spell discusions
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Hello guys. I root for CL for F Dragons. It's cool and can be prety balanced. As B G said perhaps little dmg reduction but it will have nice mana cost. Also in late game when all the heroes have GM magic res. some of your units will get hit as well :D I also wanted to suggest a little crusader nerfi...

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