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by Thelonious
Jan 6 2006, 13:39
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Silly names in HoMMV! ...and alternatives to them!
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All hail the Giant Mutated Whale. What kind of mutation was it btw? Had it nasty big pointy teeth? Was it green and slimy? Or maybe it had legs, that would solve a few problems. It was just HUGE and had octopus arms, a unicorn horn and some other stuff, there was a discription somewere one the old ...
by Thelonious
Jan 6 2006, 13:34
Forum: Mapmaking Guild
Topic: Thelonious thread
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Thelonious thread

Hi, We had the Kalah thread, the Scarlett thread and now it's time for the Thelonious thread. A original idea can be posted here and I'll see if I can make it work in my campaign - which is called 'A Wish to Far' :creative: It's about a djinni who's master has been murdered, what he doesn't know how...
by Thelonious
Jan 6 2006, 13:24
Forum: Mapmaking Guild
Topic: Mapmaking tricks (H4)
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@ Gaidel - well I thought I'd just put it up - I forgot all those '<' and '>' .. sorry bout that - but I think the main thing is that they are here on this forum -> and as you see Wimfrits allready posts adjustments to the scripts so I don't think we'll be bother with those 'algt' thingies @ Wimfrit...
by Thelonious
Jan 6 2006, 13:20
Forum: Campfire
Topic: It's here! Rage of the Carrots revived!!
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