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by Yurian Stonebow
Apr 18 2007, 21:34
Forum: News
Topic: Tribes of the East Clarifications
Replies: 62
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Tribes of the East Clarifications

Knowing that a Russian company is responsible for making Heroes V and its expansions, I suggest naming the latest part of the Heroic saga as "Bribes to the East". (Russia has been in the top 10 for most corrupt countries in the world for more than 15 years as of 2007) Edited on Wed, Apr 18 2007, 14:...
by Yurian Stonebow
Apr 2 2007, 7:08
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes V second expansion announced!
Replies: 79
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Heroes V second expansion announced!

This is certainly good news. I've been so looking forward to this new expansion. It probably comes with the latest patch and fixes numerous bugs. Good work Nival! Thanks for bringing the Forge back.
by Yurian Stonebow
Jan 26 2007, 23:40
Forum: News
Topic: Server Problems
Replies: 26
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Server Problems

Someone's knocking at the door. Somebody's ringing the bell. Do me a favor. Open the door and let 'em in. Oh yeah...
by Yurian Stonebow
Jan 19 2007, 15:15
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: The Most balanced Heroes game
Replies: 23
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Heroes IV of course. One can easily recognize a true masterpiece.

by Yurian Stonebow
Jan 19 2007, 15:10
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Conceptiually best heroes game?
Replies: 193
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Heroes III for me. Each faction works well on its own. Different towns have truly unique strategies and the theme music for each faction suits well the atmosphere. Necropolis theme is one of the best town musics ever in the whole Heroes series. So spooky and well... ominous.
by Yurian Stonebow
Jan 19 2007, 14:58
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Black Dragon Evolution
Replies: 52
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Voted for Heroes III Black Dragon. The beast has the fierce looks of a Great Wyrm, looks strong enough to actually destroy entire enemy units and last but not least its wings seem to be made for flying and not just decorative purposes. And look at the talons! The Blackie is one mean flying T-Rex!
by Yurian Stonebow
Jan 19 2007, 14:50
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Favorite Creature (not an evolution poll)
Replies: 53
Views: 12289

Definately Crusaders from Heroes III (level 4 creature). They are tough fighters with a good looking battle gear. Speaks for itself. B-)
by Yurian Stonebow
Jan 19 2007, 14:44
Forum: Campfire
Topic: Game: Questions and answers - how well do you know Heroes?
Replies: 200
Views: 25057

While it is perfectly true that the Black Dragons are not immune to Dispel, I still have to add that they cannot resist Force Field. Also, Slayer works on the Blackies as well (though it's not direct damage but a boost to attacking friendly unit cast by the Hero).

by Yurian Stonebow
Jul 17 2006, 11:59
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Heroes IV: Rate it!
Replies: 95
Views: 17275

As much as I tried to get used to the rather annoying shortcomings of Heroes IV, I just can not rate the game higher than 6. In heroes IV we have an obvious failure in both terms of quality and replayability. Let's have a cynical look at some features of the game: AI: Much of the adventure map AI ne...
by Yurian Stonebow
Jul 17 2006, 10:30
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Phoenix Evolution
Replies: 40
Views: 18911

Voted for Heroes III: Armageddon's Blade Phoenix incarnation 3DO's H5 Phoenix also looks quite good. It has the logical Phoenix "progression theme" feeling to it. As for other Phoenixes, they all fit well to their respective games excluding the one from H4. Why does it have to look like a fried over...
by Yurian Stonebow
May 25 2006, 15:21
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Mutare's Apprentice 1.3 thread (H3:SoD) reviewers needed
Replies: 0
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Mutare's Apprentice 1.3 thread (H3:SoD) reviewers needed

Greetings everybody, As instructed by Angelspit, I now turn to you fellow Heroes III fan(atics) in a search for reviewer(s) for my recently released Shadow of Death map Mutare's Apprentice. The map has been updated to version 1.3 and I'd like to know what people really think about it. After over 1,0...
by Yurian Stonebow
May 25 2006, 15:05
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Archer evolution
Replies: 68
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Voted: Archer from Heroes III. I'd anyday choose the stylish white-and-blue Erathian Archer uniform over any other Archer uniforms with armour or without it. The Griffin standard looks so cool. Besides, it may be that the H3 Archer wears some kind of armour beneath his Roayl Erathian Military uniform.
by Yurian Stonebow
May 25 2006, 0:13
Forum: News
Topic: New Maps: Life, Death and Family Issues
Replies: 7
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New Maps: Life, Death and Family Issues

No need to apologize, Angelspit. The Heroes V hype is on! :) And thanks Linda G. for your kind words. Mutare's Apprentice is my first Heroes map ever. Some fantasy and scifi cross-over stories were added to the map to enhance the Heroic tale of Mutare Drake's Apprentice. I really hope that I'll some...
by Yurian Stonebow
May 15 2006, 11:20
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: [H4] Here all dragons...
Replies: 71
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Voted: Faerie Dragon

The Faerie Dragon in Heroes IV does look a bit odd though, I always liked better its H3 appearance.
Anyways, it is a great unit and it can be very devastating when used to its full potential.
by Yurian Stonebow
May 15 2006, 11:02
Forum: Equilibris
Topic: What your heroes?
Replies: 14
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This is my very first post in this board (or if it comes to that, my first post in the whole Heroes Round Table forums) so please excuse me any unintentional breaking of the posting rules. :) To answer your question BDragon, I'd definately choose Heroes IV Complete anyday over the basic unpatched or...

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