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by ThunderTitan
Dec 22 2005, 12:12
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Topic: New Facts from Heroic Corner
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To Arzang: It might also have something to do with the fact that a Knight worships Light! Hopefully as Academy doesn't worship any Dragon they won't have any magic penalties. So there isn't a skill for controling catapult? Coz it's not really clear from that statement! No Orcs! Gives me hope for a S...
by ThunderTitan
Dec 1 2005, 18:39
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Topic: Creature Abilities
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Most likely a normal attack, i hope! In H4 it was very annoying that Mages didn't have a normal ranged attack.
by ThunderTitan
Nov 28 2005, 21:26
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To Angelspit
I think Fabrice said that there will be 5 more sides in the M&M universe, but not all of them will appear for sure in HoMM5! My guess is Fire, Water , Air, Orcs (Might/Stronghold/Barbarian :D) and maybe one that worships Order in a non-twisted way.

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