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by Campaigner
Jul 17 2011, 16:02
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Markal - How should I build him?
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Markal - How should I build him?

Replaying the campaigns since I never finished them back in 2006 (and never played HoF and ToTE so avoid spoilers) and because I love to get highscores (Black Dragons for Isabel & Agrael so far) Isabel and Agrael was very easy to build. Never any tough decisions about which skills to take. But w...
by Campaigner
Jan 17 2011, 16:37
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: The Best And The Worst
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I hope you're wrong TT. I hope that the towns will have diverse resourceneeds. Something like this: Haven - Balanced amounts of every resource Inferno - Gold-medium to high, Wood-very low, Ore-very high, Crystal-medium Necropolis - Gold-low, Wood-low, Ore-high, Crystal-high Stronghold - Gold-medium,...
by Campaigner
Jan 17 2011, 16:09
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Is it naga faction ?
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These Naga doesn't excite me. An Elf or Wizard faction would though.
This just seems like a fanmade Heroes III faction. A palettejob....
by Campaigner
Jan 16 2011, 6:37
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The Griffin Student
Replies: 2
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That was funny :D
by Campaigner
Jan 16 2011, 6:21
Forum: Hall of the Heretics
Topic: Modern RPG worth play?
Replies: 19
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When considering what I think about old RPGs: Baldurs Gate II was complex and hard to play and battles went way too fast Icewind Dale II was hard to grasp and its battles were in ultrarapid Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is good though I wonder what I would think about Might & Magic if I...
by Campaigner
Jan 16 2011, 6:05
Forum: News
Topic: H6 Stronghold Video
Replies: 37
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LOVE the way he talks. French english but then he says "The ORKS!" in a really cool/funny voice :D

Rush now, THINK later!
I want to see such presentations for every single faction, and more :-D
by Campaigner
Jan 5 2011, 15:44
Forum: News
Topic: Ubisoft Cooling Off DRM Policy??
Replies: 16
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OMG are they THICK or something?!? What's the **** POINT of not requiring internetacess while you play but you still need internetacess to START.THE.****.GAME!!! :tired: I support activating games online and for patches (like Steam and Impulse) so developers got SOME protection but after having REGI...
by Campaigner
Jan 4 2011, 19:14
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Asking The Devs - What Do You Want To Know?
Replies: 51
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Will the A.I be multithreaded?
by Campaigner
Jan 1 2011, 15:45
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Heroes VI Orc
Replies: 30
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Maybe they're related to AngelSpit :) Angelspit fighting :D [img]
by Campaigner
Dec 20 2010, 7:17
Forum: News
Topic: Xhane Q&A at CoG
Replies: 21
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Here are some quotes which WILL concern us! CoG - There have been a lot of HoMM inspired games in the past decade, what will you guys do to differentiate from games like Disciples and King's Bounty? And what are you guys going to do that will further the genre? Xhane - Heroes has always been the gen...
by Campaigner
Nov 15 2010, 5:07
Forum: News
Topic: Ubi M&M Customer Survey!
Replies: 13
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Soo what did you answer?? Which HoMM have you played? Heroes II Heroes III Heroes IV Heroes V How would you rate them? Heroes II - 6 Heroes III - 5 Heroes IV - 2 Heroes V - 8 I rated them as of today. What do you like the best about Homm? The musical score (This one was obvious) The strategic depth ...
by Campaigner
Nov 8 2010, 23:06
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Igromir news
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Re: Igromir news

1) The system of heroes abilities is completely reprocessed. Now there are no primary and secondary skills or abilities, aren't present perks, there are no separate spells. All abilities which hero can receive, now earning by "ability points". This system is similar to system World of War...
by Campaigner
Nov 8 2010, 16:37
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Dark Fiona
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Dark Fiona

I didn't know undead chicks had racks like that! :p
by Campaigner
Oct 12 2010, 6:47
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Heroes VI Hard Core
Replies: 17
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Heroes VI Hard Core

Now that you mention it, looks unfitting. Everything else is topnotch though!
by Campaigner
Oct 8 2010, 4:29
Forum: News
Topic: Frag Doll Video Interview
Replies: 32
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Frag Doll Video Interview

Shallow interview for newcomers.

You learn:

They got skilled people giving advice in their VIP forum
The campaigns can be played in any order
Story takes place 400 years before Heroes V.
by Campaigner
Sep 27 2010, 20:34
Forum: Hall of the Heretics
Topic: 2.7 million sales are bad enough for a reboot now...
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"When we say rebirth, part of our goal is to go back to the roots, dig deeper, and try to expand upon those ideas to make the series accessible to a wider audience" So they're going to find out what the core of Devil May Cry is and then expand on that core to appeal to the widest audience ...
by Campaigner
Aug 14 2010, 21:32
Forum: News
Topic: Might and Magic Teaser...
Replies: 43
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Might and Magic Teaser...

So it really is Heroes VI. Interesting....Though my interest in the HoMM series have gone from following Heroes V development zealously to "Ok, I'll check it out :|"
by Campaigner
Jul 15 2010, 18:38
Forum: News
Topic: Ubisoft Q1 Sales
Replies: 4
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Ubisoft Q1 Sales

Why are people so craving for Ass'n'Greed II and Ass'n'Greed Brotherhood?? I saw my nephew playing the first one and man did it look X to disguise as a monk when you're close to them.... Since Nival personell (or who was it) dressed up in Heroes VI shirts once I believe it's under de...
by Campaigner
Jun 29 2010, 23:10
Forum: News
Topic: Crazy Crazy Steam $ale
Replies: 44
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Crazy Crazy Steam $ale

Don't forget to add that to Steam, 1$ = 1 euro since we up here in the Nordic (sounds way cooler then Scandinavia) pay in euros :( Heroes V Gold costs 10 euros at Gamestop and is included in a "buy 3 games, pay for 2" (which all games under 10 euro are included) and that is A LOT cheaper than Steams...
by Campaigner
May 24 2010, 2:00
Forum: News
Topic: Ubisoft Report 2009-10 Results
Replies: 14
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Ubisoft Report 2009-10 Results

They sold games for €1057 MILLIONS last year and €871 MILLIONS this year HOW THE #%&! can you lose money if you sell THAT much?? Incredible! I bet their management (snobby OVERPAYED guys in suits) is too large and gets paid too much. Whatever happened to two guys making a game in his garage (or ONE ...

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