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by george137
Aug 27 2005, 21:04
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Topic: Contact Us
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go below the private servers where it says public servers and click download- there sometimes is a waiting time
by george137
Aug 25 2005, 20:01
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes V Beta Test Registration
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when do we know if we are accepted?
by george137
Aug 20 2005, 20:33
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Topic: Asylum Creatures
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Asylum is great and my favorite mostly because of the Nightmares and Black Dragons!
by george137
Aug 20 2005, 20:31
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Topic: Stronghold Creatures
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Might is great because of the growth rate! 3.0 (Normal lvl 6 growth rate) + 1.5 (Breeding Pens) + 1.5 (Master Nobility) = 6.0 growth rate per week! It's almost a behemoth a day!

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