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by DaemianLucifer
05 Jan 2006, 21:22
Forum: Campfire
Topic: It's here! Rage of the Carrots revived!!
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By the way,I think there should be a rule when the whole story is written.At the end of a sentence would be nice.
by DaemianLucifer
05 Jan 2006, 21:18
Forum: Campfire
Topic: Game: Hang Man - part 3
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Ok,it seems obvious to me,but this time Im playing it safely.So Ill say T
by DaemianLucifer
05 Jan 2006, 21:14
Forum: Campfire
Topic: Bugs?
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When I got here,naturally I loged in as Daemian Lucifer(with a space between),but when I did some adjustments to my profile,suddenly I was loged out and couldnt log in again.Then I found out that I can log in like this(without the space).Its not really a big deal,but Im a little bit of a hair splitt...

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