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by Infiltrator
04 Jun 2012, 23:11
Forum: News
Topic: The Humble Indie Bundle V
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The Humble Indie Bundle V

This is one of the best initiatives in gaming. Humble Bundle is absolutely worth it and I bought this one even though I owned half of the games already.

Amnesia is the first game in a long time that managed to actually scare me.
by Infiltrator
19 Apr 2012, 00:09
Forum: News
Topic: Patch 1.3 Launches, Black Hole Replaced
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Patch 1.3 Launches, Black Hole Replaced

Well if anyone is to blame it's the suits. They put in the money and with that, force ideas like the nexus system, the simplification of things to obtain a larger audience. Truth be told a lot of developers came up with great games in fields that they were pretty much unexplored territory for them, ...
by Infiltrator
17 Apr 2012, 13:21
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Utopian Thoughts
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Utopian Thoughts

Looks like a dungeon elite or BD dwelling.
by Infiltrator
01 Apr 2012, 20:22
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Something Completely Different
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Something Completely Different

I don't know where you've been, but Ubisoft has started with that kind of stuff a long time ago :)
by Infiltrator
23 Feb 2012, 01:51
Forum: News
Topic: The Conflux: A Horror Story?
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The Conflux: A Horror Story?

Absolutely. If only Ubi would just let steam handle the DRM instead of persistently trying to assf*ck its customers.
by Infiltrator
11 Dec 2011, 23:03
Forum: News
Topic: H6 Patching Policy
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H6 Patching Policy

I have to agree Kalah, I would like to believe it won't take 2 expansions to bring Heroes 6 where it should be, but from this point in time it appears it will be the only thing left to hope for.
by Infiltrator
17 Sep 2011, 16:21
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The Chatty Orb
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The Chatty Orb

Would be great if people could also post youtube vids as well.

Visits stone - rick roll.
by Infiltrator
21 Aug 2011, 17:47
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Clash of the Dragons
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Clash of the Dragons

It is very nice.
by Infiltrator
10 Aug 2011, 10:53
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Origins of the Kappa
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Origins of the Kappa

I concur.
by Infiltrator
05 Aug 2011, 23:37
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Primordial Dragon: Asha
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Primordial Dragon: Asha

So this is what you get when you crossbreed a dragon and an alien (from Aliens).
by Infiltrator
03 Aug 2011, 11:33
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Elemental Dragon: Malassa
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Elemental Dragon: Malassa

Malassa, the Dragon of Shiny Disco Balls
by Infiltrator
28 Jul 2011, 17:23
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Father Sky
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Father Sky

That ghoul was so dazed he fell out of the initiative bar.
by Infiltrator
17 Jul 2011, 14:59
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: An Army of Behemoths
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An Army of Behemoths

You'd obviously need something that can take care of the behemoths before they melt your army. Expert berserker on that army would be hilarious.
by Infiltrator
15 Jul 2011, 12:20
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The Golden Goose
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The Golden Goose

What, it should be 10,000 per turn if I recall correctly.
by Infiltrator
11 Jul 2011, 18:04
Forum: News
Topic: Artwork Contest Winners
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Artwork Contest Winners

3rd place was the best piece imo...
by Infiltrator
01 Jul 2011, 17:36
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The Michael Figurine
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The Michael Figurine

It looked better when it wasn't painted.
by Infiltrator
21 Jun 2011, 11:04
Forum: News
Topic: Week of Might Abilities
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Week of Might Abilities

Mentoring and Diplomat - Might is indeed the thing that comes to mind when someone mentions those two :P
by Infiltrator
16 Jun 2011, 18:47
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Hero classes, and Warlock is now Inferno..
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TT, if only you knew since when I've been whining and moaning about that.. ;|
by Infiltrator
13 Jun 2011, 13:08
Forum: News
Topic: Ubi Art Contest
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Ubi Art Contest

Where do we post it?

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