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by Zamolxis
May 23 2005, 23:36
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Topic: Fabrice Q&A (E3)
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"Polish's in! Well it seems our little lobby did its work well! :-)" I'm more impressed with the efficiency of the Hungarian lobby. Romania and Poland are the two main countries in the East European block, at least twice as big as any of the others (including Hungary). Still Fabrice said Polish & Hu...
by Zamolxis
Apr 12 2005, 17:24
Forum: Articles
Topic: Fabrice Q&A (April)
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I second Vitirr: I'd rather have 130 well ballanced creatures also (instead of just 60 well ballanced creatures) ;) I also second necro95: the upgrade through gained experience is one of my older ideas that I really hope I'll see it working in Heroes V. About those that are still doubting there'll b...
by Zamolxis
Feb 3 2005, 21:29
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Topic: Heroes Online Info
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Well, they all look great to me. But if the girls remain like this, when the game will be out, we might face some wet dreams after playing the game late in the night. :D

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