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by Ojcar
May 24 2010, 20:04
Forum: Wake of Gods
Topic: A few newbie questions
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Some basic hints that will help you in all maps, but obviously it depends if the map is excessively difficult: At first I usually tend to hire 2 heros, so i can explore a little and get some mines. Then, get some 3-4 creature dwellings on town and capitol. Mithril is crucial in wog so try to use it ...
by Ojcar
May 24 2010, 19:55
Forum: Wake of Gods
Topic: all addons list
Replies: 29
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Is Heroes of Might & Magic III: Horn of the Abyss playable or downloadable now?, if so, how i can install it, can anyone provide links, it´s confusing there.
by Ojcar
May 24 2010, 19:45
Forum: Wake of Gods
Topic: war machines disappear - fixed
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Maybe it depends on if your hero have the balistics skill. That skill forces your hero to have a fixed amount of war machines (tents and ballistas). But im not sure if it´s related.
by Ojcar
May 24 2010, 19:41
Forum: Hall of the Heretics
Topic: Free Magic the Gathering cards for us europeans
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Humakt wrote:I've played MtG since 1997, I don't think I'm viable for this promotion. Doubt they'd give away anything useful for me anyway in it.
by Ojcar
May 24 2010, 0:03
Forum: Wake of Gods
Topic: HOMM3: Summon Fire Elemental (x infinite!) is overpowered
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Personally I find the summon elemental spells to be useless in combat. The script that lets you summon them on the adventure map is definitely a source of a couple tons of problems, but in combat that thing is lame. Generally because when any opponent has reached the point where they can summon 100...
by Ojcar
May 23 2010, 23:49
Forum: Campfire
Topic: Welcome! Come and introduce yourself
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Very old player of the heroes franchise except i dont like those above Heroes III. tiny introduction: Name: Oscar Age: 30 Gender: male Height: 1,80 m Weight: 66 kg Ethnic background: white Hair color: dark brown Eye color: dark brown Country: Spain Language: Spanish, English Zodiac: Leo Siblings: 1 ...

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