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by hellegennes
Nov 23 2010, 4:31
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Topic: Heroes VI Fate Spinner
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Heroes VI Fate Spinner

I suspect it has something to do with poison.
by hellegennes
May 18 2009, 4:06
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: A Whole New Continent
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A Whole New Continent

ciupeiu_dan said: in our mythology we didn't have minotaurs. Well, minotaur was a single creature in one mythology, not an occurrence like fairies or dwarfs. It was a monster that resided in the island of Crete, Greece, under the city of Knossos, in the maze (the Labyrinth) that Daedalus engineered....
by hellegennes
May 4 2009, 4:51
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: All Alone at Isengard
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All Alone at Isengard

Since there is a message displayed, this case was foreseen and programmed by NWC and it's either a predicted bug or some sort of compensation in AI to AI battles, to prevent crashing in double defeat. Note that there are two ways of double defeat. One is by winning with a summoned army and the other...

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